Saturday, August 03, 2013

the health kick

When you have four children and a DVD player in the car, and two parents and something that is required from a store, it is so easy to suggest that one parent stay in the car with the four children and a movie - while the other parent runs in to the store for the errand.

But the more you do this, the more the children expect it - and soon, every time the car stops - the kids will ask, "So, what movie are we going to watch?"


Then one day you decide, "NO MORE MOVIES IN THE CAR." And you tell the children that from now on, whenever the car stops, they are going to partake in parking lot olympics. 


So you park in a far back corner of the lot where there are no other cars and you have everyone get out and practice their long jump.


"This is crazy!" they all say.


But you tell them, "It's not crazy. And also, we're eating watermelon for dinner from now on and starting each day with 16-ounces of fresh juiced kale."