Sunday, June 16, 2013

DAD = darn awesome dude

My husband epitomizes what it is to be a gentleman.


When we first started dating, Charlie would open the car door for me, and hold my chair when I would sit down. While I was certainly smitten with his chivalrous demeanor, I thought it was a behavior that would eventually fade. But 22-years later, unless I'm at the table or in the car before him - I can expect that my husband will be holding the chair or door for me .... and it still makes me weak in the knees. 


Whenever Charlie enters a building, he'll always hold the door open for others with a kind smile. He shakes hands firmly and looks people in the eyes when he talks with them. For women, the elderly, or handicapped, he'll willingly give up his seat on a full bus or train - and will not hesitate to help others load their suitcases in to overhead compartments on a plane.  And earlier this month, when he called his subcontractor to let him know that he had been charged $4,000 less than what he actually owed, he demonstrated that he is a man of integrity.  


Each day, I can see little things that my young boys are doing to emulate their father's behavior and it warms my heart.  It has been said that if you keep company with good men, good men you will imitate. So to Alex, Charlie's Dad, I say thank you for raising such a gentle man and for positively influencing your descendants.

dashing alex

Charlie spent his Father's Day at the lumber store where he bought all the supplies to construct a tree house and zip line ramp in our backyard.  I'm not really sure who is more excited about this project - Charlie or the children.


Mencius wrote, "The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart."


Oh, how lucky I am ... that the father of my children is such a great man!

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  1. I am so proud to Call Charlie---My Adopted Son---His Parents did a wonderful job of raising a gentle-man. I just love him and value him and am so proud to introduce him as my daughters hubby. He is a super Dad--always taking time to honor his wife and children---and Mother in Law--now that is a fete.