Sunday, May 26, 2013

they grow up so fast

Our baby birds eyes are now open and they're covered in soft down.


Because we want to minimize any disturbance to the nest, we check on them once or twice a week when we remove the plant to water it. One of the highlights for us has been listening to the mama bird when she flies back in to the nest after some time away, and a symphony of tiny tweets is heard from the pot. When I saw them earlier in the week, when their eyes were still closed, if I made any noise, their beaks would fly open.


I could have sworn this one was trying to tell me about how homework is such a drag and why must she clean up her nest every day? And her siblings have absolutely no respect for her personal space and they constantly get in to her collections and mess up her art work and are so loud and so messy and are always bumping in to her and why can't she just have her own nest where she can do whatever she wants?


Or maybe she's just hungry and I'm hearing an echo from my own home?

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