Friday, October 12, 2012

what every birthday party needs: a six-foot pile of dirt

As a supplement to my "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" home improvement series that I posted earlier this week, it's important to note that the primary reason that we decided to replace our driveway wasn't just because it was cracked and our children have been known to twist their ankles in potholes, but because we really wanted to tackle the landscaping at the front of the house and we couldn't do the landscape until the hardscape was in place.


So the driveway was replaced last weekend and what was supposed to be a one day job turned in to a three day job.  That happens sometimes.


The landscapers arrived on Monday to assess the situation and begin the process of ... landscaping ... but it was rainy and wet and so their work was delayed. (That happens sometimes, too.)  Then we had a few scope changes and we confirmed that the work would begin first thing on Friday morning.

As in today.

A day before the party.  

Turns out, that six-foot pile of dirt smack dab in the middle of the front yard which had been generated during the driveway expansion was in the exact spot we were planning to bob for apples.  This is a picture of the dirt pile in our front yard at 10:45 this morning (Friday, the day before the party), standing on the stairs is Charlie calling our landscaper to say, OMG OMG OMG! WHERE IS THE CREW?


As it turns out, we weren't on the "schedule" for today. There was a mishap in communication and our foreman, who knew that we were hosting a birthday party for the kids tomorrow, thought perhaps I was serious when I said that the six-foot pile of dirt in the yard would be a great attraction for the 45+ kids that we are expecting to arrive at 3:00 PM Saturday afternoon.

If I sounded serious it was probably because I was delirious since earlier in the week I was nipped by a brown recluse spider and came down with a ferocious cold. I'm a little out of sorts.

Within 30 minutes of Charlie's frantic call, a crew with a dump truck, bulldozer and several men with shovels arrived to remove the pile of dirt. I should have taken a picture of the "after" effect, because that kind of heavy machinery has absolutely decimated our lawn.  Charlie called our foreman again and said, OMG OMG OMG! STOP! STOP! It looks even worse now!!

Oh well, what are we going to do?

(Kids! Grab a shovel and start digging!!)


I'm not sure if it's me - or the powerful medicine I took a few hours ago - but I'm feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Even though we have hardly no grass in our yard and there are mounds of dirt, everywhere, I don't think it will not deter the kids, one iota, from having a great time. If anything - it'll probably add to their filth and hence, enjoyment. Everyone knows dirty kids are happy kids, right?


(Or is that just mine?) 


Earlier this week, I read the following quote, "Blessed are the flexible .... For they shall not be bent out of shape."  That's some sage advice, so I'm really striving for it to become my new mantra.


  1. Okay, all I focused on was that YOU GOT BIT BY A BROWN RECLUSE??!! OMG! I am petrified of spiders. Where was he? What happened? Aren't they poisonous?

  2. Wow, that is a lot to take on right before the party. I'm sure all the kids had a blast. And the beautiful background in that last picture is just gorgeous. I would want to be outside all the time during this time of year.