Wednesday, July 04, 2012

mommy, I can't be late for my cake!

We're in Michigan visiting my sister Eileen and her family. This morning at 5:30 AM, William who was accompanied by his bright-eyed little brother (that he had woken up), stormed in to the room where his father and I were sleeping and very excitedly yelled, "Here's Henry, now let's get this birthday party STARTED!!" Henry's new presents are William's new presents, and nothing comes between a seven-year-old boy and new presents, least of all sleep. I tapped around on the top of their heads looking for a snooze button, but none could be found.

My little one is five today.  Since there's no pause button on how fast time is going past, I plan to soak him up as he runs around telling everyone, "Happy Birthday [insert name here]! It's my birthday today! Do you like chocolate cake?!"


Happy birthday to my little firecracker. 

You light up our world.