Saturday, June 16, 2012

seizing an opportunity

Tonight as the children were enjoying dessert, Carolyn's front tooth, which has been wiggling and waggling all around her mouth for the past several weeks, abruptly twisted sideways.


After she ran around the house looking for me (pre-occupied with tucking her little brother in to bed) she ran back in to the kitchen and told her anxious to yank it tooth-pulling father, "It's OK Dad, I've got this...." And then my precious girl reached in to her mouth and gave a slight tug. Out came the little tooth. The tiny tooth that I remember seeing burst through her top gums not very long ago. It was sentimental moment for me - seeing my first child with no front teeth (lost by the grace of nature, as opposed to a mom gone mad).  As I turned the tiny tooth over in my hand, inspecting this important dental artifact, Carolyn suggested that maybe Uncle Michael could have her teeth made in to a necklace or earrings for me?

(Uncle Michael, no need to look in to that just yet. Until such time that I'm adopted by an African indigenous tribe, I'm not sure such jewelry would be a good compliment to my wardrobe.) 

This picture totally cracks me up. As Carolyn is showing off her new smile, her sister is wolfing down her Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.  See this??


THIS is precisely what happens when you turn your back around here.