Saturday, May 12, 2012

may flowers

... and then three days after my niece Emily was born, Charlie's brother called first thing in the morning to tell us that his sweet daughter, Angela, had arrived. I believe that her birth was like a well orchestrated gift from heaven. When she was born, we were all mourning the passing of Charlie's mom, less than a month prior.  But to see this baby with her head full of black hair and huge brown eyes, she was a distinct reminder that although life is full of sadness - it is also full of great goodness.  This sweet baby brought all of us the joy, that our hearts so desperately needed.

Angela is currently finishing up her sophomore year at a top California University, where she is attending on a full-academic scholarship.


So she is beautiful AND smart.  Just like another smart and beautiful woman, with whom Angela shares her birthday. The woman to the left, holding two of our three babies? 


That's my Aunt Grace. Today is her birthday, too. And if you ask her (or even if you don't), she'll convincingly try to tell you that she is my mother's younger sister. Even though she once tried to run me over with her Cadillac and has never once shared her Godiva ... she's always been a second mother to me and I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

Happy birthday you, two.

We love you loads.