Monday, April 09, 2012

rockefeller center

We took off early one morning, from our hotel on Broadway, and walked down to Rockefeller Center.


We wandered across the outdoor set of the Today Show ...


Where we caught a glimpse of the beautiful Ann Curry sporting her 4-inch heels. I really have such respect for women that can wear shoes such as those. I can't walk for more than 10-feet in my puny little 1-inch pumps and here she is, literally running all over the brick walkway set, laughing and kicking up her feet like she's on a cloud.


My feet, cloaked in moisture wicking comfy athletic socks and arch-supported New Balance running shoes, hurt just looking at her.

We wanted to stick around and see the airing of a segment, but we suddenly had to dash off in search of a bathroom ... OH MY GOSH WE NEED A BATHROOM IMMEDIATELY ... and as we darted around the subterranean maze that is Rockefeller Plaza, I wondered if anyone else has a young son that doesn't tell you he has to go to the bathroom until it's almost too late?

Son, how long have you known that you needed to go potty?

I dunno. About an hour?

Why didn't you tell me?

I dunno. I was busy?

How can you be so busy to ignore that sensation which tells you GET TO A BATHROOM?

I dunno. Wanna play superhero?

Once we barely, and I mean only barely, diverted a soaking wet disaster, we found a cozy bakery and sat down with piping hot muffins to watch ice skaters on the world famous rink.




As we sat, Charlie and I discussed all of the wonderful things that we could do while we were in Manhattan. We could take the children to the Top of the Rock, and catch an unobstructed view of the City...


We could take a taxi over to the Empire State Building. We could go on a tour of Radio City Music Hall and meet a Rockette...


As we discussed these incredible options, our children had a ... how shall I say? ... less than favorable reaction.


I don't want to go on a TOUR.


I don't want to LEARN anything.


How dare you take us to a place like this and try to TEACH us something of value. Just our mere mention of such educational experiences elicited a desperately sad response.


So instead, of pursuing the "grown-ups" idea of fun whilst in New York, we pursued the children's. And that is why we spent the better part of an hour playing in a gold revolving door.








As the children played, I caught sight of this sign, above the door.

Wisdom and Knowledge Shall Be The Stability of Thy Times.


I like to think we had the wisdom to know that when traveling with children, it's best to adjust your expectations. The kids had an immeasurable amount of fun.

So by default, we did, too.