Monday, January 16, 2012

we're banking on the cute factor

If you live within a one-mile radius of our house, this is a sight you might expect to see over the next few days...


Girl Scout cookie sales officially began a few weeks ago and the first round of orders are due this Saturday. I'd been holding off on the door-to-door sales because I wanted to affix all the Daisy Petal badges they'd earned to their uniforms, first. But when it struck me this afternoon that we only have five days remaining before our initial orders are due, and we have thus far sold ... quick check ... zero! ... our girls threw on their patch-deficient smocks and we hit the pavement. Within an hour, we'd visited five houses and sold 15 boxes.

William came with us to support his sisters. No one could say "no" to three tooth-missing first graders proudly sporting their scout uniforms.

(In return, our girls have promised to help their brother sell popcorn next fall.)

Friends and family, if you're interested in buying cookies, please send me an e-mail ( and we'll add you to the list. They cost $4.00 per box (they were only $1.50 a box when I sold them 30 years ago!) and here's a website with all the details on the various kinds.

Within only 185 boxes remaining for us to meet our goal, I might need to bring the kids to work with me one afternoon. Maybe I should bring Louie, too. He could wear a sign that reads, "Please buy our cookies...


Or, I'll leave a puddle on your floor."

Although, he'd probably do that anyway.