Tuesday, July 12, 2011

his and hers

I almost titled this post, "Signs You're Growing Old." Shown below is Exhibit 1: Matching His and Hers Weekly Pill Cases.


It's so romantic and so sweet!

And so borderline geriatric.

Gosh, I just turned 40. I didn't think we'd need this apparatus for at least another 20 years. But between Charlie with his heart issues and me with my various issues, we've got a pharmaceutical smorgasbord across the two of us. We felt the need to invest in these handy-dandy little pill cases when we couldn't remember (for! the! life! of! us!) whether or not we took our wide-assortment of life-sustaining medication, earlier in the day.

I'm not entirely sure if he's kidding or not ... but Charlie's recently informed me he wants a phone, alarm clock and remote control with the JUMBO numbers. Maybe if he's extra good, he'll get those for Christmas.

Or, maybe Santa will just bring him some bifocals.