Friday, June 17, 2011

the breakfast of champions

People often assume that as our children have grown older, life has become a lot easier. And while things have certainly become easier in many regards ... I still do feel a bit of longing for the days when they all slept in cribs and were contained.

Of course, if they were all still contained in cribs, I wouldn't have had the unsurpassable joy of experiencing breakfast in bed, this morning at 5:15 AM, made by six-year-old hands.


For those interested, the recipe consists of a 1-cup base of chocolate chips, approximately 1/2 pint vanilla yogurt, with a light sprinkling of chocolate chips on the top.

With just one bite, I could feel the energy and healing surge through my veins. Not because of the ingredients, mind you, but because I could tell it was made with love.