Wednesday, May 04, 2011

how my amazing trips came to be

My six-year-old son has a vivid imagination.


He is also very insightful and will sometimes say the most profound things.


When you put those two characteristics together, you have the perfect recipe for ...


Well, I guess you could call it "obscure wisdom."

Take tonight for example. We always have "pillow talks" whenever I'm tucking him in to bed. So this evening as I'm concluding our nightly prayer ritual, he puts his hand on my hand and says, "Mom, I am so glad that I finally came to earth to live with you."


Then he very seriously continued, "Did you know that I was in heaven waiting and waiting and waiting to be born to you? But God kept telling me that the time wasn't right. So I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. And it was verrrry difficult because I knew that you were on earth and I knew that you were very sad because you wanted your little baby boy and I could feel that sadness in your heart because I was always there..."


*** Pause Story. ***

Are you kidding me?!

My mind isn't what it once was ... but to the very best of my recollection, our children have never heard the story of their conception. And if I haven't written about it before, let me just confirm that the feeling that surrounded me during our almost ten years of infertility wasn't so much "sadness" as it was gut wrenching, I want to drive my car off the edge of a cliff GRIEF. And now, here is my six year old son telling me that he knew all about that?

I'm in stunned silence just staring at him.

*** Continue Story. ***

He had a far away look in his eyes as he continued, "So there I am in heaven, just waiting to be born to you when SUDDENLY I see Carolyn and Elizabeth and they were waiting to be born to you, too! Mom! MOM! DID YOU KNOW that we were all tiny little seeds? Yep! It's true! We were tiny little seeds that could feel the love coming from your heart and it warmed us up and we started to grow together as ...


He smiles as he concludes, "POPCORN!"



"POPCORN!" he laughs. "We were popped in a great big machine and then a man came along and sprinkled some salt on us and handed us to you and you were so happy, you ate us right up. And THAT is how we got in to your belly!"


Okay then!

We'll just go with that story for now.