Monday, August 23, 2010

if the shoe fits

For the past few days, I've really been pondering a comment that someone left on my post last week. In essence, I was told that I write about my life like it is a drama-filled tragedy.

(Just the fact that I'm writing about it more now, probably confirms it. Eh?)

Last night when I was in the Emergency Room until 3 AM (no drama there!), I went back and read through ALL of my blog posts for the past four months. And while there has been a lot of "activity" in our lives recently, I've really tried to stick to the facts, the honest feelings that I have about specific situations, and how we are managing to forge ahead, as POSITIVELY as possible.

My new boss often says, "I don't like to make sausage in front of the customer."

What he means is that nobody except the immediate team, should be witness to our behind the scenes operations. And sometimes, we have to grind through some rather ugly stuff to create a product that will hopefully, be pleasing and tasteful to all.

What I've determined is that this blog is like a big old sausage factory.

Sure, I could solely write about the adorable and hilarious things my children do. But this blog has always been more than that. This blog has been created to document OUR story as we NAVIGATE the amazing trip of life. Sometimes, during the course of navigation, you might experience moments of pure bliss and tranquility. The seas of your life are calm, the breeze is gentle and the visibility is spectacular.

Othertimes, a storm gets whipped up out of nowhere. It feels like you're going to capsize and you need to hang on for dear life. The seas are so violent you throw up all over the deck (and the guy standing next to you) and your visibility is totally lost because you can't see past the next wave that is washing over the front of your boat.

Is that a drama-filled tragedy?

No, it's LIFE.

Chances are, if you're reading this, you have one.

Although, you may not choose to share the intricate details in a world-wide forum.

(Of course, that would make you SMARTER than me!!)

One of my best friends wrote to me the other day and told me that for us to consider buying a home, at this juncture, might be considered fool-hearty. We don't really know the area; We don't really know if we'll like the area; I don't know if I'll like my job; I don't know if I'll KEEP my job; We've been through a lot these past few months and is it responsible to bury ourselves in debt on a whim? She is 100% correct.

But I wrote her back to tell her that almost ALL of my big life decisions have been fool-hearty. If I only listened to my MIND, and not my FOOLISH HEART, I never would have moved to California 20 years ago. I never would have married a man whose entire family was on the opposite coast. I never would have gone through three rounds of IVF and transferred SIX embryos during my final cycle.

What kind of crazy person does that?!

The same kind of crazy person that would pack up a car with four children under the age of four, on less than 48 hours notice and drive 7,000-miles back and forth in three weeks time across the entire continent. The same kind of crazy person that during a recession, would spend almost $5,000 of their own money raising almost 10 times that amount and then within four months, run 26.2 miles and walk 60 miles, over three days, to raise awareness for a critically important cause.

The same kind of crazy person that would allow themselves to get pregnant for a third time, when they already have four children under the age of six. The same kind of crazy person that has always wished to move back to the east coast - so sold off their beautiful home, gave up their totally cush job, packed up their entire family and left on less than two months notice to a new area, SIGHT UNSEEN.

You have to possess a certain amount of courage, ambition and faith to just go for it.

But more importantly, you have to possess a certain amount of CRAZY.

Clearly, there has been a storm brewing in our lives for the past few months and there have been a few times we've wondered what it would take to be placed in to a medically induced coma until...

Well, I don't know exactly when.

I'm really sorry if that bothers you. I'm really sorry if you'd rather not read about OUR drama. I'm really sorry if you think we create too much drama. While I've considered taking yet another blogging hiatus until we get settled, what I've decided is that this blog is cathartic for ME. It's cathartic to write about things, sort through issues, and SOMETIMES, it's cathartic to read the kind words that people write to me. Other times the comments are downright patronizing and why I take the energy to respond requires a session with a therapist.

So, last night it was me in the hospital.

In a nutshell, I've had some significant complications as a result of my ectopic pregnancy. So the fact that maybe I've been a little more "emotional" than normal all kind of makes sense, now. And let me be the first to say, I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG. I've been saying it and saying it and finally, I decided that I better take my own advice and LISTEN to my body. So I called my California doctor's office, who suggested that I immediately go see a specialist in South Carolina and considering it was 10:00 PM on a Sunday, my options were limited. But after a lot of testing last night, and even more testing today, and still more testing tomorrow, I'm so glad I went because now it's been confirmed: I haven't been imagining it!!

(Thank you, Insurance Company. The bill is going to be HUGE.)

When I returned home at 3:30 this morning, I climbed in to bed next to a sleeping (and still brunette) Charlie. Within 20 minutes, I woke up to Henry crying. I brought our three-year-old in to bed with us, and within another 10 minutes, he rolled over and threw up all over me.





But yes. That continued for the next five hours. Me falling asleep, only to be woken up 10-20 minutes later by my little one, vomiting next to my head.

At 10:00 AM, I loaded the children (and a bucket) in to the van and drove my husband to the airport so he could catch his flight back to California. Whilst praying that this bug doesn't whip through the whole family because my mother just got ALL new carpeting in her house and we're staying with her and not everyone knows how to grab a bucket in time. Right??

And also, Charlie is so (incredibly) susceptible to these viruses and this week will be so busy for him, the last thing he needs is to be throwing up every 15 minutes in between talking to the movers. "Wait! Please don't take the bed! I need to lay down for a .... BLAP!"

Charlie called me in between making his connecting flight to tell me:

1) He bumped in to one of my highschool classmates at the airport. As it turns out, my former classmate is one of the lead engineers designing the building that my current business unit will be moved in to, approximately five years down the road, in TEXAS. So yes. We haven't even moved in to our new house in Virginia and yet, it's been verified by a reliable source that we shouldn't get too comfortable. Isn't that awesome? In a so-unbelievably-NOT-awesome kind of way?!

2) He was delayed by two hours in the Dallas airport when the tram that he was riding on was stuck between terminals. And then, his plane - that he otherwise would have missed - was fortunately delayed. But then, unfortunately, it was delayed for THREE hours because of mechanical difficulties. So there he was, all alone and forced to enjoy a quiet dinner, by himself.

I reminded him that the last time I was in Dallas, I spent the night sleeping in a terminal, with thousands of other passengers, when they shut the entire airport down. Although, it wasn't just ME and a book. Oh no. With me, were two of my babies, including one that nursed for almost 16 hours, straight so he wouldn't SCREAM. The other woke up with gum in her hair that she contracted from beneath a dirty seat. We had no cot and no luggage and no blankets and no cell phone and no carseats and a limited supply of diapers. But we had fun because we seized the moment and tried to make the absolute BEST of it.

And you know what my husband told me, when I reminded him of this fact?

"JEN, You are SUCH a drama queen."


  1. I have to admit I'm a lurker. I rarely comment on anyone's blog that I read.

    Your blog is life. It's ups, downs, ins, outs, and the ever present looped de loop. It's real and it touches folks.

    My family was in your shoes almost 30 years ago, with moving the US to Europe, Europe to the states, and back again (all within 3 years). In addition, there were moves from Colorado, California to the deep south, and finally landing in Seattle.

    I empathize with you on ever post, and know that you truely are doing what you think is the best for your family and I applaud you and Charlie (and the kids :) )

    So, please, continue to write, continue to share, and continue to be who you all are and the heck with the detractors.

  2. I happen to like your "drama" mAkes my life seem very real and normal because we too share many thesame "crisis".
    I am currently pregnant by surprise having fortnightly hospital stays whilst juggling three kids with no family nearby and aHubby who shiftworks crazy hours,My three have all been sick babck to back and I too changed sheets at 12.15pm...then 4.30pm...And today have emptied many a bucket!
    So Sista I feel ya!
    Write what you like, you need and w e as readers can choose if we "must" read along.
    So from one Drama queen to another...Bye for now and all the best with the chucky one:)

  3. I love your blog. My husband thinks I am crazy to be so into a blog of somebody I do not know. But I do know you now, and maybe someday I'll get to meet you and your wonderful children in person! (I hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish!) Anyway, I think your blog is cathartic for me too, and your life will settle down before you know it. You appreciate your family, the most important aspect of your life, and you take the rest of it in stride. I have been meaning to tell you THANK YOU for so long, and I am sorry it took this for me to come out of lurker status. Good luck, and please know that at least one person is praying that you will be able to keep it together long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labors! (ha :D) Good luck with the medical. And if Charlie comes back blonde, I hope we get pictures! Maybe you could do the whole family...would that be creating too much drama?

  4. Wow. I truly hope you don't stop writing. I love to read your blog. You are hilarious. You don't misspell words and your grammar is correct. You have an adventurous spirit. I'll never understand people who make negative comments. DON'T READ IT (the blog) THEN! duh. Good luck to you! I have moved overseas more than once and state to state once, but never with preschoolers. You are amazing and your humor will get you through it!!

  5. Please don't take a blogging hiatus, I enjoy reading about your adventures and thus when the need arises I send prayers to help lighten the load. When people are negative please remember that sometimes their own life is lacking in some way so they find things in others to criticize. I hope things are smooth for you all this week, on both coasts!

  6. Jen;

    Having done a cross country move last year without 4 small children, I sooooooooo empathize with you. I moved because of a less than desirable job situation and moved to what I thought was a better one. Have learned I have jumped from the frying pan into the fire-but oh well. I am happier (also moved closer to family) and have learned to stand up for myself on a much faster basis.

    I do not take your posts as drama filled-anyone who has moved across the country knows how incredibly difficult it is and anyone who did and says it was easy is lying.

    Take care of yourself and your family and stand firm in your conviction of why you did this and all will be well.

    Hugs from a fellow "mover"

  7. I can't believe someone would give you crap about your writing. I find it amazingly entertaining, and that's why I look forward to every post. If someone doesn't like it, why do they read it, I wonder?

  8. Hang in there, Jen, you are doing great considering all that you have been through. It is your blog and your right to deal with it however it works for you.

    Hugs from CA.

  9. So dare I saw that Miss American Pie has always danced to the beat of her own music and I hope you continue!!! Just do like I do but instead of "Welcome to Autism" it would be "Welcome to my life". Let whoever take it or leave it! I hope everyone doesn't get sick or we'll have to postpone our getting together!

  10. One of many cuzzins!8/23/10, 11:37 PM

    Hey Jen,

    Hope you're feeling better and you're health is okay. Thinking and praying for you during this crazy transitional time in your life. At the risk of sounding a tad dramatic... there is only one person who those kiddos call MOM... please take care of YOURSELF!!

    And for the record, I love reading about your sausage factory!

    Keep smiling!

  11. I pray you and Henry are feeling better soon (and that everyone else stays healthy!). I hope some day that I will be confident enough to embrace the crazy as well as you seem to. (I must say, you have made me realize that our somewhat frequent military moves are not nearly as chaotic as they could be-knock on wood.)

  12. Just ignore all those lame people. I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about all your "drama" :D. And yes, you have been saying all along that something was not right. I'm sorry that you are right and I hope that everything works out ok.
    Hang in there!

  13. You know what Jen? You're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. That's the blogging world.
    If you "edit" what you write about your life to exclude the drama, then people cause you a fake, accuse you of only sharing the good details because you want people to think that you're perfect.
    Then when you're real and take everyone along for the ride they don't want to hear your drama. Isn't it their choice to read or are you coming into houses and forcing people now-a-days?
    I will sing your praise to the very end Jen! You share things that I would never have the courage to (I guess I'm one of those "perfect" people).
    I can't handle the heat but use it to your advantage, use it to realize that you're better then those bitter people who have nothing better in their lives then to sit behind their computer screen and bring down people with their negativity!

  14. I sent you pictures of William! That should make you feel better!!

  15. Oh please don't stop blogging! I love your blog and check every day to see if you have updated! I am sooo anxious for you to get in your house and hopefully see some 'before' pictures with the 'after' pictures.

    This is none of my business, but since you put it out there, is that ectopic pregnancy still causing problems? I've wondered since I don't think you ever finished the story of the meds, blood tests, that you were taking and when it was all finally over.

    I'm sorry you are dealing with any kind of physical problems with all of the upheaval in your life right now.

    Enjoy being in the circle of your Mom's love in the next few days. There is nothing like a Mom when you are feeling punk! No matter how old we are!

    I do so hope none of the other kids get what little cutie had the other night. That's just one of the worst things to deal with!

  16. I hope your medical complications are able to be addressed quickly and completely. Sending healing thoughts.
    And also sending positive thoughts that the stomach troubles do not afflict your entire household.
    Hang in there.

  17. i love your blog and i love your honesty. it's refreshing. we are living a crazy life over here too. :(

    i'm so glad you are able to ignore someone's ignorant comment! i stopped blogging because i just couldn't handle everyone else passing judgement on my drama filled life. :)

    hang in there. you are doing a great job! Northern VA isn't so bad. We love it here. :)

  18. some people need to get a real life. Your life is just like most others who especially have children. Don't let some off the wall comment make you stop writing about your "drama" life. I love to read what you have written, you have such a gift with the way you write it makes me feel like I am sitting right there watching the whole thing unfold right in front of me. I laugh with you and cry with you and worry about your house "drama". I wish I could be more like you and just jump in with both feet and push through whatever is thrown at you. Me I freak out and worry and talk myself out of doing anything, hence the reason it took me 15 years before I bought a house because I worried about the what ifs.....Now I hope and pray that Henry is the only one with the bug because you sure don't need anymore "drama" :OP Janice

  19. I, for one, LOVE your drama.I believe life really is a drama filled tragedy, with tiny little moments of peace and perfection mixed in.

    Keep writing:0

  20. LOVE this post Jen -- I love reading all your posts!!

    So sorry to hear you're still dealing with health problems though, and I hope noone else gets the stomach bug (though I think Charlie and my husband share the same genes for catching things really really easily .....).

    : ) Jeremi

  21. Jen first and most important I hope you get to the bottom of your medical problems and you are 100% soon.

    Second I am so glad that your blog is so cathartic for you. Maybe I don't have much of a life but I would truly hate it if you quit blogging. I feel like I know your family, I am interested in seeing what your children are doing, seeing them grow up.

    Your sense of adventure inspires me. Your desire to "do something" to improve our world inspires me. The marriage you have also inspires me (although I have been blessed with an awesome marriage myself). The sense of adventure your family has is inspiring.

    I have stepped outside of my box, and for that I am grateful. In the last 4 months I have lost 42 pounds (40 more to go). I also purchased an awesome tent (without husband knowing)and then talked hubby into taking said tent on the vacation we were planning. My husband wanted to stay in motels but we ended up camping every night and loving it. We drove 3500miles in 10 days and saw some beautiful country and had a great time. With some of the medical problems I have had in the past I never thought that would have been possible but I did it and for that I am so grateful.

    Okay for the "drama". For the life of me I can't understand why if someone doesn't want to read your "drama" why they come here anyway? You would think an intelligent person would find something else to do with their time other than spend it reading it to begin with and then to spend precious time leaving ugly comments. I for one love reading your "drama" although to me it isn't drama at all. I just chuckle at some of the things you get into and wonder to myself what goes on that we don't ever "hear" about.

    Moving to Charlie can start training to eat that steak meal:)

    Jen you are an excellent writer, me...not so much. That is why I don't comment as much as I would like. But I really wanted you to know that I thank you so much for your honesty and for being you.

    Again I hope your medical problems are taken care of soon and that the virus doesn't take hold of your whole family.


  22. I love a drama queen and that is why I read your blog. It helps remind me that we aren't the only people in the world dealing with craziness. After hearing your story about the Dallas airport it also confirmed to me that we really do need to DRIVE for our next vacation. I'd much rather spend 18 hours in a car with 2 two year olds than stuck in an airport where people leave gum under seats. Thank you Jen for being YOU and helping me get through our crazy life. If the writing is good for you, the reading is good for me :)

  23. Jen, sending you prayers from one drama queen to another. Hope your health improves. Holy shit, you have got to get those kids outof a hotel. That's where they are picking up all this gunk. Shudder!!!

  24. Hi Jen,

    You ROCK! And I think you ARE as solid as a rock for all that you've been through.

    We just moved in July, and it was stressful! It wasnt cross-county (it was 300 miles away), it was with three children (not four), and I wasnt starting a new job, and I didnt have an ectopic pregnancy on board. AND, like I said, it was STILL stressful!

    The truth is ONE person said that about you! That is NOT the majority! The rest of us love you just the way you are, "drama queen" and all!

  25. Would you be interested in exactly WHY I visit your blog daily in the hopes there's a new post?
    It's simply because you write about such every-day, normal things (moving, getting pregant, unfortunately losing the baby, raising multiple children, etc.) and make the sound, well, dramatic.
    It's a positive thing, trust me!
    If you wrote like things really are (I get up, I wash and feed and care for multiple children, while feeling sick myself, debating a move that will uproot my entire family that I ultimately decide against only to realize that "yes" is the right decision, pack for weeks while cleaning my house for resale, drive cross-country with multiple children in the car only to have such a time finding the perfect house, then to find it and have it not really work out only to turn around and realize we have to make it work...), well, that might be a bit, well, everyday...
    So why does that reader come back?
    They can simply go find blog to read where the most exciting thing the author does is change their socks once a week...

  26. Your "column" always makes me chuckle because it IS about real life. Thanks for the morning laugh.

  27. Grind away, I love it! I'm not a good storyteller, I'm mean to try and tell about stuff goign on isn't nearly as funny. You are awesome and I cannot believe all that you have been thru. What I don't understand if they don't like it why read the blog?

  28. Oh dear. The sickness happened to us, too, when we moved from the Southwest to the East Coast. My son picked up every single bug known to man and was sick for nearly two months straight. Every time we would feel better, I would take him to the grocery store and bam! He was sick again. And my husband and I, in turn, were just as sick. I think it was because he (and we!) had never been exposed to the unique germs that reside in our new area and our darling child brought home every. single. one. I was secretly hoping this wouldn't happen to you... I hope the stomach virus stays with just Henry and the trips don't come down with it. I'll say a few prayers for you tonight.

  29. I love reading your blog. I hope things work out soon for you.

  30. You are completely right. You write about life ..the good and the bad. I don't think it's drama. I wish I had the courage to put myself out there and write down all my thoughts. If someone doesn't like it. Then don't read it. I'm sure most of us that read your site feel the same way. Don't change who you are or your writing because of a few negative nellies. I feel for all that you are going thru and hope everything works out. Good luck!

  31. I only read the blogs of drama queens. "Normal" people bore the hell out of me.


  32. I hope you do not let the comments that are mean get to you. I do not understand why people read a blog, and continue to read it if they don't like whats being written.
    While there is lots of drama going on, I think it helps to write about it. It gets it out of your head and lets you reflect on it and put it perspective. (I had a very Bad Drama Year last year, but I was -by law- forbidden to write anything at all about it online. I wrote in a notebook just to get out all my frustrations and then burned the pages so the courts couldn't read them)
    One day when you all look back thru it, you will realize how far you have come. Your children may not even remember much of this in 10 or 20 years, and it will probably be fun to go back thru and read about all the drama. Then you all can say, "we survived it!" and have a good laugh.
    I love your blog, and I am sure that there are other readers who do as well. I know Michele said you are the first one she reads!
    I keep hoping things will calm down for you all.
    But do keep the writing coming.
    Even if its drama!

  33. I think I first started reading your blog when you were taking your cross-country trip, and thought "Wow, what an adventuresome family!". Of course, now I know that you are uber-adventuresome (the camping trips come to mind) and I love it!! Please don't take a blogging hiatus.

  34. I'm so sorry! Holy Cow! I hope that the barfing stopped and that whatever it is that kept you in the hospital just needs a bit of attention and isn't too serious. (Did you go to the hospital by yourself??? A Drama Queen wouldn't go to the hospital by herself. You're tough.) It's just that your life has so much more going on, and so many more insane things that happen, than most people's. I'm sure that you are going to hear a similar message from tons of people, including lots of people (like me) who don't know you and can't remember how we saw your blog to begin with, who keep reading it because over time we've started to care about you and are cheering for you. (And you've got a knack for writing and it's fun to read.) Yes, you take a lot of risks and do things that most of us wouldn't do (I'd be one to want to rent until I knew more about the neighborhoods, schools, commute, etc, etc) but taking risks is also an admirable quality. Investors who make it big took big risks to get there, they didn't play it safe. I was surprised that you would leave such a beautiful community, a house that you love (although you had kept mentioning that it was too small, which makes sense) and so many great friends. But you have lots of great friends because of who you are, so you will make many more great friends, wherever you end up. Along with having the "crazy" part of your personality must come a lot of fun, energy, enthusiasm, etc, etc. It's hard to know if what you try is foolhardy or just being adventurous and it really is none of our business and we shouldn't be judging. I hope that most of the comments you receive are supportive and showing that lots of people are wishing you the best. I'd guess that many of us hope that you will keep blogging. We all want to know how you are doing and how this insane adventure turns out. I'd guess that after a few more bumps, you are going to end up very happy and enjoying all that your new home, etc, bring. Hang in there!

  35. Don't apologize, and don't change. You are awesome, and real, and emotional and perfect. Seriously.

  36. Oh my goodness. Would people, the mean people out there - just move along? I just don't understand the need to tell a blogger off in the comments section. This is a blog, not a freaking news site. If you don't like the content, move on!

    Keep writing, dearest. I enjoy reading it but who cares? It is for you. But you know this already...

  37. God bless you and your family...i have only been reading for a short time but you have made me fall in love with you and your family and your've made me laugh and cry....and I wish I had the creativity to put my thoughts down like this because I think it probably does help it a lot of ways. Best Wishes!!

  38. I really enjoy your writing. What I haven't figured out are the folks that comment on blogs that they don't like the content. I guess I don't understand why they don't just stop reading (no one is making them!) rather than getting all worked up over it. The blog is personal for you (thus, it's your blog) but doesn't need to be for them.

    Good luck as you settle into your new home by the creek.

  39. "For the past few days, I've really been pondering a comment that someone left on my post last week. In essence, I was told that I write about my life like it is a drama-filled tragedy."

    The whole reason you blog is for YOU! A long time ago, you said it was theraputic for YOU, and that you would blog if nobody read it, if I remember right.

    I come here to read the latest drama. My only complaint is that you don't blog ENOUGH, and that there are no pictures. This blog is WAY better than any sopa opera! :D

    Don't cut back, do MORE! :D

    ~Cindy! :)

  40. Forget about it. It's your blog and you can write what you want. You're emotional and that is - in my opinion - the reason for most of the people to follow your blog. If the person doesn't like it - his/her loss and he/she doesn't have to read it.
    Thanks for sharing your life.

  41. You know what? I wouldn't have even responded to the negative, griping, downright rude, actually, I would have told them exactly where to go!
    I wil tell you again. You are AMAZING. You always seize life, grip it by the horns and enjoy the incredible ride, however bumpy it may be. I applaud you for that. That's why you are amazing. I say stuff the no-do-gooders.
    My family and I ship out (well, fly, but our stuff has been shipped!)to Bahrain in 5 days - I am peeing my pants with excitement, fear, insecurities and sheer ehileration in anticipation of a new world adventure. I chose to seize life also. What is the point otherwise?! Hugs, Kathryn xxx

  42. Love this! Love it because it's you! Drama Queen and all! Hope you're feeling better very quickly and God, please give this family a HUGE break!:)

  43. Life gets dramatic. Sometimes we all need a person to whom we can vent all the drama.

    You write this blog for YOU and for those of us that enjoy reading it (and stress right along with you). If someone doesn't want to read it, they can choose not to read it.

    Write what you want. We should all feel so free.

    I hope things get a little easier for you. I feel your stress, hon. I truly do.

  44. Oh Jen - I just LOVE the way you write. You are inspiring, honest, witty and the drama is fab!

    I hope you are feeling much better really soon.

  45. I love that you are real. I am trying to be as transparent as I can in life and on my blog because that is something I appreciate and value in other people. Life is full of drama. I'm not sure exactly what that person wrote in the comments, but maybe they've had a peachy life with no bumps. Although there are days I wish for that, it would be a little boring.
    Hang in there. You will come to calm seas soon enough.

  46. I, for one, LOVE your drama. It makes me feel like my own life is calm by comparison.

  47. Jen,

    You are an amazing person with courage and conviction, don't let one persons comments discourage you from anything. I have been following your blog since the resolve days and you inspire me all the time to be a better person, parent and friend. I am sorry life is not treating you the best right now but I admire your ability to be positive in most situations. I wish you and your family well as you embark on this new journey in your life. I hope your health improves.

    Tracy in pa

  48. Bless you --- Bless you ---- Bless you --- Someday you'll laugh at this........ right?? more prayers going out for all of you!

  49. Aw Jen I think you are marvellous and don't be worrying what other think. You are inspiring and you are so totally right its natural for life to have ups amd down. I really hope you continue to share with your reader/fans. Best wishes.

  50. Jen - I enjoy reading your blog..I love your humor, honesty & am glad you keep updating us on your next journey in life. I hope that Henry feels better soon & the rest of you don't get it. I also hope that everything is Ok with you after your ER visit. I am glad you are getting some answers though.

    Take care of yourself.
    Lori in MI (now Atl)(from Resolve & BS)

  51. I don't know you, but I stumbled upon your blog this afternoon. Brilliant writing. Honest and real. Thank you! It's too bad people can be so condemning in their comments... It takes boldness to reveal real life in a forum like this. Good for you!

  52. I have a boatload of stuff to do for work (and it's after 9 p.m.) and I have just sat down at my computer. Before I could feel ready to start, I had to check your blog. I didn't go anywhere else and will restrain myself from going to other sites between work. Why? Because your faith in it all coming right in the end is refreshing.

  53. I love the not always controlled chaos that rolls through your words.

    I'm so glad that I stumbled across your blog, and I couldn't even tell you now how I got here.

    If it weren't for the craziness here, I wouldn't have completed my first half marathon because I never would have had the "hey, if she can do it, what's my excuse for not trying" conversation with myself. And I wouldn't be contemplating a 2nd go at it right now.

    So glad you're here. So glad you're real.

  54. Hugs, Girl... you keep right on sharing your life. Do people forget they don't have to click on your link.. if they don't like what you're writing?? D'oh! Geesh! Ignore them, Honey!
    I am sending up a prayer that the pukey bug doesn't spread and cause you even more grief. and I so hope you get some medical answers about how you are feeling, and something can be DONE to make you feel better.

    Hugs and prayers...
    Annie way up in Albany, NY, but on the same coast!

  55. Please don't go on hiatus...I just love reading your blog!!

  56. Ho-ley crap! If people don't like your blog, then they don't have to read it!! SOME of us (and I'm not naming names or anything) appreciate the confirmatio that we aren't the only mother's out there who are running around crazy. Life isn't a neat little package, and if people can't handle that, then they need to tune back into Brady Bunch re-runs.

    Okay, deep breath. Stepping down off my soapbox now. Thanks for all the "drama," Jenn. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my parenting/life ups and down.


  57. I am so relieved to know that you aren't taking a blogging break. I can't wait to hear all your "drama!" It is AMAZING all that happens to y'all . . .

  58. I think I've read some of your blog before, but I just spent countless hours reading it while nursing my daughter in the middle of the night. It seems we have some stuff in common. We have family in MA, and we recently moved to VA from North County with our newborn and 3 year old (so, not the armful you have, just a handful). I hope everything works our for you. I think you're handling things as best you can and blogging about it along the way is brave of you!

  59. People always have an opinion. Like my grandpa said: opinions are like assholes; eEveryone's got one and some people just are one. Sorry. You can feel free to delete that part of my comment if you need too. :) Couldn't resist.

    Here's what I are real. You write your truth. I have read here because I like to hear it. I've been reading since the triplets were babies. The people who write the fluff, parenting is wonderful, unicorns live here posts? I tend to delete them from my reader, because it's just not real. I find your adventure to be kind of neat. I do hope you guys get settled soon though.

    Write what you want, when you want and how you want. If they don't like it, they are free to hit that pretty red x.

  60. I try to underplay the dramatic in my life, but to keep it out of my blog just wouldn't be honest. I like to read about the fun and the tragic, the easy and the difficult. It helps me remember that my family and I aren't alone, and the next rainbow is always just around the corner ... as is the next face-plant. I like that you try to aim your face-plants into rainbows. I hope that I do it nearly as consistently.

  61. Life is a drama. I love drama.

    Why do men always get the cushy delayed in airport stops (mind you sitting on a train for a few hours doesn't sound like fun)? I get the 4 hour delay in a non english speaking city and spend 3 hours having trolley races with my kids (I've only got 3 kids so I have to push one or it's not a race) on the (deserted) upstairs floor of the terminal. My husband gets reflexology and a massage..... not fair.

  62. Hahah awesome! I gotta say, your blog = your space. I do not have your courage to tell people what's REALLY going on in my life, so I wax poetic about the trials and traumas of med school. But honestly? Life IS a drama filled tragedy for a lot of people sometimes. I spend nearly every day witnessing it. Instead of processing it on my blog I just do the less brave thing and pay for therapy. Whatever works. :) You rock. Don't forget!

  63. Keep it comin'!!! I have to admit, maybe it's a case of misery loves company, but your posts the last few months have resonated so much with me. Love love love your reactions to all life throws your way. I have lots of drama here...I can't even list all of the details, but it's like what you've been going through - Life Altering Questions nagging at you all-day, all the time. I need your inspiration to deal with them with humor & HOPE. Someday all of these issues will be worked out & you'll be settled -- and won't that be boring??? :-) Wishing you strength to get through this phase, please keep sharing, drama and all.

  64. I seriously believe there is something wrong with people who leave mean, unkind, criticizing comments on blogs. No one is forcing you to read it! So don't read it! Remember the rule-and if we could get everyone to remember this the world would be a happier place- "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

    I'm not talking about constructive dialogue but the venting of their own mean and deliberately hurtful comments.

    I love your blog and hope all goes well with the move and all. Take care!

  65. Keep up the crazy and keep up the blog, I love them both.

    Hopefully now that the problem has been confirmed, treatment will follow shortly and you'll be feeling better.

    TEXAS!!!! Not that I wish to insult any one from Texas but I remember being on an airliner on approach to DFW when it caught a wind shear. My only thought was Please God I've never done anything bad enough that I have to die in Texas.

    Here's hoping that Henry does not gift his illness to his brother, sisters and parents. And also hoping Charlie does not come home blond head to toe : )

  66. I have been reading your blog for years now and have loved every post. You write about life and all its warts- but make us laugh about it in the process. Please dont stop- you give me a break from my crazy life!

  67. Huh. I've only been reading for a few months, but I think you write very humorously about all the chaos in your life. Then again, I tend to think like you do, so maybe I'm a little biased. :)

  68. I just have to say I admire you and love reading about your family and life in general. Tell the "rude" ones to (*#% off!

  69. I love the Drama.. & if it keeps you going then go for it...
    There always has to be some Debbie downer out there who has to poo all over your parade... Screw em.. this is YOUR blog.
    I would much rather have DRAMA then be comfortably numb. :-)

  70. Amanda in MS8/27/10, 2:21 PM

    You are right... it's life and thank you for sharing yours with us!

  71. I love your blog. You're kids are adorable. You're life is nothing if not exciting and you're crazy is the best time.

    Keep it up, Jen. You really are doing a great job. :)

    Marla @