Thursday, February 19, 2009

much like a can of sardines

We've reached that point where we either need to split the children up ...

Or get a larger tub.


  1. Larger tub? It looks like you need a swimming pool!

  2. Man that looks like fun! Love how the pictures are blurry. I can only imagen what the floor looks like! Tub #2! Awe childhood memories!

  3. Thanks and eat a bowl for me too! Yes it's just so upsetting--very sorry about the sad news for your friend. It's hard to even really know what words to pray! But I do know that none of this is a surprise to God because He IS in control and He has a purpose through all of the tears and pain. Even though I'll never understand this side of heaven. Thanks for praying! I will lift up Deana tonight!

  4. This reminds me of the time we tried to bathe our then 2 yr old daughter, 4 yr old son, 4 yr old niece and 6 yr old niece all in the same bathtub.

    The 2 yr old lasted a whole 5 minutes.

    I say stick with the one tub routine until someone complains loud enough that they are willing to try the shower.

  5. Nonis20@gmail.com2/20/09, 3:08 PM

    You should have seen our kitchen sink when I had a few kids in at once. They all look very happy until the end.

  6. Yeah. We stopped using a tub a couple of years ago. They just take showers now. I can still stick all four into that big shower Greg made in our third bathroom. But even that is getting a little tight now. He'll have a coronary if we use more water. He'll probably put a timer on it or something. LOL!

  7. I vote for a bigger tub. How 'bout a 6 or 7 foot Jacuzzi?¿?

    ~Cindy! :)