Monday, March 29, 2010


We felt so energized, when we de-energized this past Thursday, that we decided to do more of the same on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But instead of just "hitting" the power breaker to our house, we "hit" the road and drove for an hour.


And then another couple hours more.


Until we were smack dab in the middle of nowhere.


Whenever I feel like I'm losing my way in life, I know I can always find it again when I lose myself in nature.


So when we stopped driving, there were no other people, no other cars, not a single trace of civilization.


And that is where we chose to sleep beneath the stars (and Big Dipper).


But only after we ate our body weight in roasted marshmallows.


And it was good.

At least until someone, who had been warned numerous times to exercise extreme caution around the fire, flicked a flaming marshmallow off their stick and it flew through the air before landing on my daughter. Thankfully (and most importantly), she was fine. However, her brand new North Face jacket was not.

Seeing as her jacket is fleece (aka: polyethylene, aka: thermoplastic), the burning marshmallow scorched a hole right through it and melted the surrounding area. If not for a beautiful starlit night and a gigantic mug of red wine, Mommy might have gone totally crazy.

So thank goodness for the healing power of nature.

And the incredible numbing power of Pinot Noir.


  1. Please tell me that Charlie was with you on this little adventure. It's great that you brought wine....but did you remember to bring chocolate and snake repellent?


  2. Call us next time! We'll meet you guys!!!

  3. How I admire your energy to pack up for camping! I think it is one of the things kids love most in the world. And the stars!! But after looking at the picture of the terrain, I must tell you - last weekend we stayed in the Crystal Cove Beach Cottage (near Laguna Beach) and right beside the path from the parking lot was a coiled rattlesnake! Not much you can do about that except keep a sharp eye out . . .

  4. Did you do this by yourself, girl?!!! We just had conversations around here that it is probably good that dh isn't more like me in the adventure area. We'd be parked in the middle of nowhere more often! I think your adventure sounds heavenly! KUDOS!

  5. The pictures are beautiful. And I admire you the ability to do the whole camping thing (me? Not so much. What? There's bugs out there - and wild animals!)

    I feel for the jacket - but your description of the way it happened? Priceless.

  6. You have just described my deepest most neurotic fear re 'Smores . . . that and people walking around with flaming marshmellows on the ends of sticks . . . . .you have no idea how disturbed I am to hear that it ACTUALLY HAPPENED! I assume she was not burned? Had I been there I would have gone into anaphylactic shock for sure . . .

    Yours in the Triplets + 1


  7. Gee, I so wonder who that "someone" was????

    Amen for the healing grace of nature and the always powerful soothing of a good Pinot.

  8. Thank God for Dr. Pinot. Every time we're at camp, we remember Dr. Pinot. Actually, we like Dr. Chianti better, but since no one can sell alcohol we'll settle for whatever Dr we can get! haha.

    Does North Face have a warranty? We use LLBean or Lands End because you can send it back and they, POOF! send you a new, or fixed one. :)