Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i'm an 83-year old trapped in a 38-year old body

Charlie's father and his wife, Kathleen, live in Sun City, Arizona which is a beautiful retirement community, just outside of Phoenix. When Charlie went to visit his father this past weekend, he called several times to tell me how great the area was.

There are recreation halls with bowling and billiards. There are beautiful lap pools. There is a golf course. There are a plethora of "trendy" restaurants that offer fantastic early bird specials. And many of the residents drive around town in their personalized golf carts. In fact, there are so many golf carts on the road, most of the establishments have set up tiny parking spaces for their golf carting patrons, right in front of their stores.


So while I was driving all over San Diego trying to find our way to the St. Patrick's Day parade, Charlie, his dad and Kathleen set up chairs in the driveway of their home, to watch the parade procession that would go right down their street.

Look at this parade! There were beauty queens.


The Shriner's were there in their little cars.


Here's a Shriner in a mini 18-wheeler. Could it be any more awesome than this?



Check it out - Uncle Sam was there, too.


AND the Weiner Mobile!


There were horses!


And a camel!


There were firetrucks...


And a pompom squad of "Golden" cheerleaders. Even though they're 40 years older than me, these women look far better than I would in a purple silk skirt and white boots.


I'd be willing to bet most of these vintage cars were driven by their original owners.


This is the bus that picks up those seniors that don't have a car, or chose not to drive, and shuttles them to the recreation center and the local stores. See them waving flags out the window? This one really tickled my husband's funny bone.


At the very end, there was a hearse. Partly to advertise their services and partly to pick up any one who departed this life while marching in the parade.


Charlie said everyone laughed when they saw who was pulling up the rear. So not only are seniors practical, they've got an outstanding sense of humor.

Of course not just anyone can live in Sun City. You have to be at least 55 to live in this sunshiny paradise. My husband and I have a few more years before we're eligible, but don't think we're not counting the days. In the meantime, this is the ride we're planning to purchase. It will be more than sufficient for the whole family AND has suitable space in the back for our gear.


Out with the minivan, in with the multi-passenger golf cart. It's fuel efficient, less to clean, if kids spill, just hose it off! Best of all - everyone gets a window seat!

Some might scoff now, but mark my words, very soon I'll be setting a new transport trend for Soccer Moms everywhere.


  1. Is it just me - or is a parade without a camel just not complete? Love your new wheels!

  2. We live very close to Sun City about 5 miles and it is a great place for older people. However, you can not live there with children. So 55 years old or not they kiddos have to be out of the house! Are you ready for that? NOT!! They also have "Sun City" in California as well. They are developed by Del Webb and they are even starting to develop areas like this for people our age. They have one out here about 25 miles from Sun City, close to our house. Next time you guys are here, let us know, it would be fun to have a playdate!!

  3. Are you kidding me? Sun City here I come!!!


  4. Michelle M in TX3/16/10, 8:50 PM

    My parents lived in Florida at a Del Webb community (same as Sun City). I loved it! You only have one small problem to your plans...they don't allow any children to LIVE in the community. Visit is fine...live is a no-no.

  5. I'm just a little ahead of you Jen. Count me in for Sun City! I'll save you a space.

    But then those of that had our triplets later in life realize we may NEVER be empty nesters - lol.


  6. PLEASE Connie & Michelle:

    Do not ruin the dream for me!!!!

    Twenty years from now - the kids will all be out. Right? And then I'll make the move to Sun City with my eight passenger golf cart.

    JO & AM, I'll meet you there! :)

  7. How can you not love a place where you can use your golf cart as your main mode of transportation and where the parades come to you!

  8. Poppa and Kathleen3/17/10, 9:42 AM

    Thank you , Jen, for the lovely and funny tribute to us oldies but goodies in Sun City.
    We enjoyed Charlie's visit and thought about you and the children alot!
    We miss you and hope to see you in May sometime?
    Poppa and Kathleen

  9. I think we might try that for next year. Are there any rentals available? I loved the humor of the hearse in the parade. Also, I always wanted to be in a parade and have my baton skills. Looks like sunshine and roses and Alex looks like a million bucks. That Kathlene is keeping him young and fit.

  10. Hey, my mother in law lives there during the Alaskan Winters. :) She's there now actually! And shhhh, even though you're supposed to be 55, my husband stayed there when he was in college and going to flight school for his commercial rating! :) Small world.

    When I retire, I'm moving to camp.

  11. Greg's mom lives in Sun City here in Vegas and let me tell you, it is the way to go when you are retired. If she hadn't been in a Sun City when she lost Greg's dad, I don't know what she would have done. I am not even kidding you when I say I have a hard time keeping up with her social calendar. Those women are doing something CONSTANTLY. It's a great life.