Friday, March 05, 2010

favorite thing friday

I'm not sure what exactly happened, but the post that I had up yesterday about our awesome place mates was deleted. There was a lot I wrote about how during our meal times, our children are globally learning about all the continents, oceans and countries. They're learning about latitude and longitude, the prime meridian, equator and rivers.


On a national level, they're learning about the various states and capitols and where everything is relative to us. We're also talking about the climate in various states and what is produced in each region. For instance, the chief exporting state for peaches is California. Followed by South Carolina.


Contrary to popular belief, Georgia doesn't produce many peaches.

Unless, you're referring to the people.

And then, they roll 'em out by the bushel.


  1. I beg to differ about the peaches from GA... We lived there for 3 years, and the only peaches I ever saw were from CA. I saw the place where the first peach grew in Savannah, GA, but no peaches to be seen in my neck of the woods!

  2. Hi! And I'm from Russia. Love your blog!

  3. What a fun way to learn, especially for your children! I think maps are intriguing too, and I'm a grandma. Always enjoy your entries each week.

  4. tsk tsk
    #2 Peach producer...South Carolina
    #1 Peach producer...California

    Georgia's got nothing on your home states when it comes to peaches. :)

    Love the maps. We have a big one for our play room wall from Office Max or Staples.

  5. Hey Jen - Dh has applied for a position in San Diego. Maybe my trio will learn where California is - a loooong way from New England.

    Seriously, we had those placemats for years and I keep a large canvas US map (sort of cartoonish) in the school/tv/homework/office room. My kids learned so much from having those.


    P.S. if we actually get there, I'll walk with you :)

  6. we have these too and love them! i picked them up at the grocery store for a couple bucks and we have definitely gotten our money's worth! you should keep an eye out for the ones featuring the galaxy and the US presidents, too, if you don't already have them.

  7. Anon - sorry, when I referenced Georgia peaches, I meant "peaches" as in the people, not the fruit. :)

    I know - SC is the capital for peaches in the US. But you'd never guess that would, you??

  8. Have you taught them Emily Bullen's song about North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Don't forget Australia, Don't forget Antartica.
    It floored me the day she sang that when Eileen asked her what the continents were.
    How about "Who's picture is on a one dollar bill? A Five Dollar Bill? A Ten Dollar Bill?A Hundred Dollar Bill?
    They have come a long way since
    "How big is the baby?"

  9. Mom: Yes! They DO know their continents. They originally learned their continents when they were in Montessori at the age of THREE!!

    This is so odd. All of the comments are still here from my original post but the post itself is gone?! I found the kids playing around on my "edit" page, they must have done something...


  10. What a great idea for placemats! I'm running out right now . .


  11. I have those two placemats too. I bought them when I accompanied my daughter who is a teacher to an educational supply store before she had her trio and stopped teaching. I use them at work whenever I need quiet time and eat alone at my desk or whenever I have
    someone stop by to eat brown bag with me. I work as a social worker in a maternity clinic where I see mostly spanish speaking women. I sometimes have women from Africa, the middle east or asian countries as well. I decided that I was shamefully geographically challenged and have used the one map to actually see where the women I serve were born. Many have left children behind to be cared for by family members in order to come here to work. They send money home and miss their children so badly, they end up having more children here. The small income is then divided between here and there. It warms my heart to see your children learning about this country and others. It is fun to use maps and explore more about places of interest. Their parents are teaching them to care about others in this crazy, wonderful challenging world as well as where they are located. Keep up the great job!

  12. The only reason I know anything about anything is because I work for NANA Regional Corporation, and we have businesses on all seven continents. So I make myself edumucated in the countries we have I can be a gooder communicationalist. :) hehe. P.S. We hire geologists ALL the time!