Sunday, June 29, 2008

our amazing trip: day 8 (and 9)

Yesterday we spent much of the day at The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Marys, Ontario.

Henry spent much of the day nursing.

St. Marys is a beautiful town that boasts the largest outdoor swimming pool in all of Canada. At first glance, it looks like a lake - but the "pool" consists of water filling a massive limestone quarry.

Ontario has some of the most beautiful farmland we've seen on this trip.

I love Canada.

Charlie loves Canada.

The children love Canada (although I think William will appreciate Miss Teen Canada more in 12 years).

They especially love the Canadian Jus.

I suspect even my friend Lorie would love Canada.

We could see living here.

Uncle Pete's induction in to the Hall of Fame and Museum was great. It was such an honor for us to be present and watch Charlie's cousin, Cindy, give a very moving speech on her father's behalf. Her dad would be so proud of all that she and her sister, Stacy, have done.

While we were at the induction, we saw a beautiful Monarch butterfly, circling around the tent where hundreds of people had gathered to celebrate the lifetime achievement of the four inductees. I like to think that the butterfly we saw yesterday, represented the spirit of Uncle Pete.

He was there, a part of everything.

Part of the joyful celebration.

Part of the wind that lifted our kite up in to the sky.

After the induction, we went back to Aunt Betty's house and spent the afternoon swimming in the pool...

... and then the children enjoyed a picnic in Aunt Betty's bedroom on a king-sized sheet with their second cousin, Jack while watching cartoons. (With the fabulous Bill, who is a great chap and fun guy to spend the day with. Come see us in California and let's go to Legoland. Eh?)

It was so awesome to be here, to be a part of the day.

It was so awesome that Elizabeth had the chance to meet one of her namesakes and receive a special locket that Aunt Betty had picked out for her when she was born.

It was so awesome to just spend time with our Canadian family that we haven't seen in several years - and to spend time with our immediate family that hadn't yet had the opportunity to meet baby Henry.

Even if they did get us lost in the Candian country-side, we were glad to see them.

And equally glad that our GPS has Canadian coverage.

Today, we are continuing our drive east to Massachusetts. All that remains is 450 miles before we have crossed the country, from coast to coast.

We just passed by Niagra Falls and in to New York.

We had no problem crossing back in to the United States, because we made some good friends in Canadian Law Enforcement that gave us some pointers for border crossings.

Tonight, we hope to arrive at my father's house in Concord. My mother, who had taken my sister Janet on a cruise to Bermuda for her 50th birthday, is currently staying AT MY FATHER'S HOUSE with her fiance, Jim, and my father's new friend, Mary. I cannot believe that my mother and father are staying under the same roof, in the very house my mother helped to build almost 30 years ago.

That to me, is more impressive than the greatest falls of North America.


  1. Welcome back to MA!

    If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids... We've recently discovered the wading pool at Bradley Palmer state park in Topsfield and it is awesome. A small trek from Concord but well worth it...

    Jen -a fellow MA to CA (and back again to MA) transplant :)

  2. Welcome back to the east coast! I am impressed and inspired by your travels with your crew! Tomorrow we are going to the Boston Museum of Science with our 2 1/2yr. triplets and 5 yo. It will be the most adventure we've tried with them so far.....


  3. OH YES! I love Canada, especially Wayne Gretzky! I've met him a few times and he even signed my jersey (sweater)! Thanks for taking that picture for me!!! #99 ROCKS! You made my day!

  4. more thing - I just noticed on that picture... why in the heck is he Exit 38? He should be Exit 99... duh... gotta love Canada, eh!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Great moment in time:) Love the hugging of the jersey.

  6. It is pretty amazing what parents will do. My stepmom joined me for a trip to my mom's house and they ended up sleeping in the same bed while I took the couch! lol. No one could believe they'd be in the same house, much less the same bed. They've both said that the only thing they have in common was that they were married to the same guy. No reason to hate eachother.

  7. isn't that how all farmland looks...? i live in southern ontario, born and raised in the GTA so what do i know, i just figured farmland is farmland, lol.

  8. I am loving all of the pictures from coast to coast. It looks like you all are having a great time!
    And welcome ot the East coast!

  9. What an awesome family picture!! Welcome to MA. Hope you a chance to relax... and maybe go take a dip in either White's or Walden Pond with the kids.

  10. Ah, Wayne Gretzky Parkway...

    My grandparents live in Brantford (one street over from Mr. Hockey Dad himself, Walter Gretzky). I've been on that parkway many-a-time. I'm living in Brantford while I'm in teacher's college this upcoming school year.

    It's so exciting to see pictures on your blog of areas I've been to ... including that rest stop / Duty Free at the Niagara Falls border crossing.

    And all that Blue Jays memorabilia... so cool.

    So glad you're enjoying this trip!