Friday, June 27, 2008

our amazing trip: day 7

We are staying in a great hotel in downtown London, Ontario. We are beyond thrilled that we are able to stay in the same location for the next three nights because packing up and moving every day tends to be a bit exhausting. And we were getting some strange looks from our potty seat dangling from a luggage rack.

It is Canada Day this coming Monday, so all the bars around our hotel are completely packed. From my window, I can see people chugging brew, while I sit here wishing that my children who are still on California time would go to sleep before midnight.

O, Canada.

How I wish I was down there drinking a beer to honor honour you instead of sitting in a hotel room listening to my almost one-year old SCREAM while my three-year-olds keep telling each other "SHH! You go SWEEP!" "NO!! YOU go SWEEP!!"

It's been another fun filled day. One of Charlie's brothers and his sister flew in from California and are in town for the induction ceremony tomorrow, and we all met up at Aunt Betty's house this afternoon.

The kids had a great time playing in her swimming pool and an even better time when they were able to have TWO pieces of cake from a party Aunt Betty threw for all the friends and family that are in town for the big event.

The children were so wiped out by this afternoon from all the driving, excitement and time change, that the triplets took a three-hour nap in a twin-sized bed in a strange environment...

... and Henry took an almost three-hour nap in a Rubbermaid storage bin.

This just goes to show ... a tired child really will sleep anywhere.


  1. I am soooo happy for you guys! It's great that kids can and will sleep anywhere, if they're tired enough! Most of the time, when Shayna is TOO tired, she won't sleep at all... Have fun at the induction ceremony! I'll look in the paper, here in Cali, if they print anything about it!

  2. Henry looks so cute sleeping in the plastic bin. We have a picture we love of our oldest who fell asleep in a laundrey basket as a one year old. It was probably pretty comfy with all those clothes in there!

  3. Yet ANOTHER amazing use for those bins! HA HA! I have several of those rubbermaid bins - same size, and color - I LOVE them. They are so useful. However, I never thought of them as a place to nap...AWESOME! :)

  4. That is so, so cute! My daughters have been known to fall asleep in the cargo area of shopping carts.

    My husband and I took our honeymoon in Ontario, and enjoyed Canada Day in Toronto. It was so awesome --- ten years ago exactly.

  5. Enjoy your time in Canada, Jen. It's a great place to be. (Perhaps you should relocate here.... we do have year long paid maternity leaves!).

    Safe travels to you and yours,
    Jen in Ontario

  6. "One of Charlie's brothers and his sister flew in from California" Sissy or Sane? I am glad you all made it safe and intact. :o Love the sleeping baby picture! Priceless.

  7. I love that Rubbermaid bed!

  8. It's been surreal to follow your trip as I just moved away from London at the end of May after spending a year there. We have been travelling west to the prairies and tomorrow we start our trip to our new home in Boston. After reading your posts I'm simultaneously excited and terrified to take this trip. :) While you're in London you should check out Victoria Park which is in the heart of downtown. There are often festivals of one kind or another going on there and usually all kinds of vendors selling crafts, food and other cool stuff. I was living just east of downtown all year and we spent a lot of time last summer in Victoria Park. Enjoy the city. London is a lovely place. There's also an AMAZING beach an hour north of the city at Grand Bend, should you be so inclined.

  9. Oops! I posted before adding my url.

  10. great place to put a kid.... i'll have to remember that as another use for all the rubbermaid bins i have around here! sounds like an awesome trip!

  11. Aaaw, that picture of Henry sleeping in the Rubbermaid bin melts my heart! It reminds me of when the baby I babysat fell asleep standing between my legs while we were at playgroup. Off course, that was one of those days when I had only taken the baby carrier, so we let her sleep in the doll bed. One of the older girls was a bit upset though, that she couldn't play with the "dolly".

    Catching up about your roadtrip this has made me really want to go to Zion National Park, but since I haven't even been to the US yet, I think it will have to wait a while... I really enjoy reading your blog.