Monday, June 16, 2008

my children's father

This year, Charlie forgot to get me a card for Mother's Day and I forgot to get him a card for Father's Day.

My absentmindedness surrounding a card for Charlie today, really had nothing to do with the lack of a card for me in May.

The fact is, we appreciate each other tremendously and we don't need a holiday or a $3.95 card from Hallmark to prove it. (But a day at the Spa would always be welcome.)

Which is a good thing, because when I remembered late last night that Father's Day was today, and I ran off to the store, the only cards that I could find were written in Spanish.

But because people the world over are celebrating Fatherhood today, I couldn't not acknowledge that the guy who is in this parenting adventure with me, is absolutely incredible.

He gives of himself so completely.

And has recently put his rocketing career on hold - again - to help raise our family.

There are times when we get frustrated and feel like we have lost ourselves to the insanity that comes with having four children in less than three years...

But we both realize that all of "this" that we are going through right now ... the crazy days ... the (sometimes) sleepless nights ... the evolving parenting philosophy and skills that we are trying to keep in sync to account for new phases of development ... it's all temporary.

It won't be like this forever. But while it is, we have found a lot of laughter.

Every day, I look at this man that I have married - and the absolutely beautiful children that we have had together - and I truly don't know how it is that I got so lucky.

The success I have attained as a mother, is due largely to the unending love and support I have received from my children's father.

Even if he taught the kids how to cast their (hook-less) fishing rods in the house and they got stuck in the ceiling fan...

Él es un padre muy bueno!!

No... Él es el MEJOR padre y tenemos la suerte de tenerlo!

(And here's a link to help translate that. Because seriously ... the only Spanish I know is "Dos cerveza, por favor.)


  1. Beautiful post. :) I love that you said, "My success as a mother is largely due to my children's father." That is so well put and something that a lot of people don't ever experience and some don't recognize...Isn't it great being lucky?

  2. go Charlie!
    Great dads are soooo important:)

  3. You are indeed a blessed woman. But Charlie is so blessed by you too; and I think the fact that you are both aware of that makes things so beautiful for you.
    I think it's great that a card is not needed and that there are no hurt feelings; that is what a happy marriagie is about - celebrating everyday; not just when Hallmark reminds us.

  4. Nice, nice and very nice, Baby`s!
    Happy forever

  5. What a lovely online card you made for him!

  6. Very nice tribute to your husband. Thought of you both when I was reading this article in the NY Times magazine over the weekend:

  7. Awe. Happy Father's Day Charlie.

  8. You are a good man, Charlie Brown!

    Greg wouldn't let me get a card because he said not to waste $3.95. It would have killed him. So we made four instead for 11 cents!!!! :)

  9. That is a great post! I love all of the pictures. And dads are VERY important. They keep us mommies from losing our cool!

  10. Beautiful. You know I'm a Charlie fan.