Sunday, June 22, 2008

our amazing trip: day 2

We're on the most beautiful road in the Valley of Fire in Nevada - with nothing in front of us but desert and blue skies. It's 110 degrees outside, which tells me this spot is aptly named.

That's me in the mirror, your stunning cross country tour guide, and in the distance you can just barely make out a textbook angular unconformity. It might be a little tough to see through a dusty window at 74 MPH. But trust me, it's there.

Charlie stopped to buy an atlas because he was having a panick attack that the only thing we had to rely on during this 6,000+ mile driving adventure was a dash mounted GPS. I was having a panick attack when I remembered how expensive gas prices are. Thankfully, I work for one of these fine companies and enjoy a 10% employee discount.

Speaking of being an employee, to answer the question how did we get time off of work, Shhhhh!! ... they don't know we're gone!!

Oh, just kidding.

When I called my boss on Thursday to pitch the idea, he said it sounded like a great trip - and since I have my laptop and broad band access internet card with me (and cell phone)- he gave me his blessing to work from the road. And thanks to modern technology, I actually can WORK while we're driving. Like right now, I'm blogging and uploading pictures to the internet as we're cruising on Highway 15.

How cool is that?!

Charlie's boss also supported him taking this trip. Since we both must work a minimum of 20 hours a week >> we are planning to check e-mail, participate in conference calls and review reports when the other one is driving. And there will be a lot of driving.

The kids are doing great. Even though Elizabeth and Henry are both fighting a cold, they are - for the most part - content. We have brought about 15 movies and when we're not discussing structural geology and landforms, they are happy watching something on DVD.

Woo-hoo!! We're in Arizona now!!

(The roads aren't as good.)

We turned Henry's carseat around before we left, because he'll turn 1 in a couple of weeks and he's topping the scale at around 25 pounds. (The requirement for forward facing is at least 1-year old and a minimum of 20 pounds). We might turn it around again to rear facing when we get back home, but I knew that he would be more entertained on this drive if he could at least see the road and us.

It's crazy the amount of gear we have on this trip, even though I packed MINIMALLY. I highly doubt that Henry will be riding in his stroller much.

And here are the kids helping to lug our stuff in to the hotel last night.

Alright, two hours since Charlie started driving. Time to stop and switch. And administer medicine to coughing children.

And buy sunflower seeds.


  1. You. are. amazing.

    I don't know how you are doing this.

    And I hope you are all having a wonderful time!

    You will be practically driving by...I'll wave!

  2. Ah, no wonder I didn't see you! I stood outside my church, which is on your way to Zion, waiting to wave at you...but no luck. Guess I've missed you.
    Have lots of fun!

  3. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick (ohhh)
    Take a ride on a West Coast kick (ohhh)
    Holiday road
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    I found out long ago (ohhh)
    It's a long way down the holiday road (ohhh)
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  4. Whoo-hoo Roadtrip by proxy Go Team GO!
    I see a RED car
    I see a PURPLE car
    I see a Yellow Car
    Have a great time be safe

  5. I am in awe of you doing this with the kids. Although, my parents did it with 4/6 of us...

    Have an Awesome time and keep bloggerworld updated.

  6. Karen in Buffalo6/22/08, 8:00 PM

    I LOVE the photo of the kids in the car and the geology lessons! And yes, the fact that you are capable of being connected to the internet while on the road (literally!) still amazes me.

  7. I LOVE that you have access on the road ... can't wait to hear the details of your Griswold road trip!

  8. This is sooooooo cool. Maybe I won't be jealous if I get to travel with you and sleep in my own bed at night. Feel free to post more than once a day LOL

  9. Jen,

    Have a great trip and a safe trip. Wish I could meet up with you between your visits to Concord and the Cape. I'd love to see the kids. Tell Auntie to have a Happy Birthday!

    Anne Marie

  10. And here I was thinking to myself as I get on the computer tonight....What am I going to do w/o my Amazing Trip fix while you are on your road trip. And alas I log on and to my surprise and pleasure I find have blog, will travel. I love it Jen. You guys amaze me. Drive safe & stay cool.

  11. Yeah! Zion is next! I can't imagine how much fun Zion would be with a geologist as a tour guide. Or the Valley of Fire. Two of my favorite places!

    I can't believe you didn't get out of the house until 4:3O!!!! I mean, I CAN, but good grief!

    Yeah for Live Blogging and satellites and lap tops!

  12. Keep up the updates! I am checking often. And hope you don't mind . . but I sent the link to MTM and let them all know too. Thought it would so interesting for people to follow you guys on your trek - especially as there seems to be a lot of "how to" questions about traveling.

    See you on the flip side - Jessica

  13. Dear All You Wonderful People:

    Just do it! We love you!!!!!!!!

    Susan, Jeff, Jessie, and David

  14. OK, Geologychick just cracked me up.... we love that show. Now it'll be stuck in my head.

    I hope ya'll have a fantastic trip!!!

  15. I love that you can still blog while doing the trip! Makes us all feel like we are right there.

    Is a angular unconformity the crack in the ground? Sorry for my lack of geology!!!

    And thanks for the made me smile! Someone does read my random thoughts!! :) It will make me want to keep posting!