Saturday, April 21, 2007

They are scaling the walls

Even though we've got the girls confined to their room by a baby gate - they are fully capable of climbing out of their cribs and running all over the place.

At first, I was diligent about going in and putting them back in their cribs whenever I heard them climb out.

With time, I've let them play - surprised that when they were done playing, they would either climb back in to their own crib ... or fall asleep in a heap on the floor.

Charlie and I have talked about transitioning them to toddler beds. Seeing how effortlessly they can climb in and out of their cribs, I see no reason to keep them in, anymore.

But still - I hesitate. I'm just not ready for them to be out of their cribs ... yet.

What happened to my 3-pound babies??

How did they grow up so fast??

Today, after a long walk around the block and a picnic at the park - we came home and put the children down for their naps. That was at approximately 1:00 PM.

It is now 2:30 PM and I have deposited the girls in to their cribs no less than 10 times each.

I have removed Carolyn from Elizabeth's crib (when she was standing on top of her semi-conscious sister) ... and Elizabeth from Carolyn's crib (when they started fighting over a blanket).

I have plucked them off the top of their dresser, three separate times, which they had scaled in order to reach and dump all of the books from their bookshelf.

Transitioning our children to toddler beds is one hurdle. But the thought of our children outgrowing their nap during the afternoon, is another hurdle altogether.

No naps?

I'm suddenly dizzy and nauseous and I can't feel my legs.

And I have an overwhelming urge to drink a martini. Or twenty.


  1. Be glad they've been in their cribs this long and you have been able to get and keep them on a schedule. Kyle has never been on a schedule and hasn't been in his crib for over 2 years! I feel your pain and I'll drink a martini for you!

  2. Oh Jenna-
    I'm only a little sad about the cribs, but VERY sad about the possible end of naps. Our 3.2yr old is slowly giving hers up, and this was probably the major factor in me choosing to have her at Kindergarten two days a week as I cannot bear the though of a new baby and a 19 month old having their sleeps (and hopefully my nap )interrupted by a lively unsleepy sister!
    I feel the pain!
    Just a though on the cribs- it may be a godsend having the kids in the toddler beds on the small chance that you do end up aith a caesarean again- minimise the lifting. I only say this because my third C-section is only 3 weeks away, and I keep looking at the 19month old's crib and thinking, "perhaps you're old enough for a bed". Of course he isn't, but I do wonder....
    PS- happy birthday

    Rebecca D

  3. When my kids started climbing out of their cribs, I left the side rail down. My older one didn't want to give up his crib - I would put him down for a nap on the mattress (on the floor) and he would climb into the crib to sleep. He also gave up napping just when the baby arrived, at 2 yrs 10 months. Unfortunately he still needed a nap for about 6 more cranky months.

  4. Jen- I'm going to let you in on a secret. The ONLY reason my children are still in the same room together and still nap and are in beds is because I lay in there at naptime for 10-15 minutes until they go to sleep. They would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER nap now if the mean, old, ogre mom wasn't in the room. Every once in awhile it takes like 20 minutes. But I have my phone, so I just surf the internet and it doesn't bother me now.

    But I may take their naps away at the end of summer. They are pushing their bedtime back later and later and later. At some point, I will have to give up my afternoons to get my evenings back. Which means I have to give up my naps. YIKES!

  5. I worry that if you don't get them out of cribs that one or more of them is going to crack their lil heads open and bleed all over. I would maybe put the sides down? And won't you need a crib for baby brother?
    I'm sorry I don't mean to meddle *smile* cause you're the BEST! B.E.S.T.

  6. We are struggling right now with sleep issues too. They are going to bed horrible so I am wondering if I should cut naps! YIKES! I cannot even imagine my days if I have to stop the naps.
    We switched to Toddler beds when they were 2.5 months because I had an emergency Appendetumy and I could not lift them. The transisiton went smooth for us but they still had their binkers so we used those as ammunition. It might not be a bad idea to take them out of cribs before you have the baby just in case you have a c-section and you can't lift them. Good Luck!

  7. Jen,

    Have you tried crib tents? I know they're expensive but so many people swear by them... Good luck with whatever you decide!


  8. Jen,

    I saw your blog listed on someone's favorite blog list, so I had to check it out. I LOVE your blog. I enjoy reading your updates. You have such a clever way of describing your day-to-day activities. My triplets are almost 15 months old. It is fun (and sometimes scary) to see what type of mischief my little ones will be getting into in several months.

    Enjoy your little ones,
    Kelley (mom of 15 month old triplets -- Gracie, Ellie and Sarah)

  9. We went toddler bed too early on my first little boy, and then accidentally (because of a vacation without a crib or pack-n-play) with my second, so I can't offer any advice on the transition.

    BUT my 2.5 year-old is on the edge of no naps, too. Scarey, depressing thought - especially with a newborn on the way. I've started laying down with him at naptime, too. Since I made it a rule that we only do it for naps, he's more inclined to settle down for a nap, usually only takes about ten minutes of being there with him, and it's kept him least for the time being.

    Crib tents might absolutely be the way to go...

    Phew. I hope you can make naptime work, because WOW. What would a mom do without a little breather in the afternoon? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!