Thursday, April 12, 2007

A boy and his bear

You'd never guess, in looking at this picture of the adorable child sleeping with a big stuffed bear ... that when that adorable child is awake, he himself, is a bear.

It is true.

This peaceful child - when awake - is either the cutest child you've ever seen, or, the embodiment of a terrible 2-year old.








I will admit that when this beautiful child wakes up, and starts screaming, I have no greater wish - than to slip in to a six-month hibernation.

World peace? No.

An end to poverty and hunger? No and No.

Tranquility and harmony, in our little house ... or car ... or shopping cart at the store. That's all I want.

Is it really too much to ask??


  1. Well, my advise if he is throwing fits---does he have an audience? I would put him out in the yard on the grass and let him throw it out there where you cannot see him.
    Who is in charge of this bear? The minute you see him start, put him out in the yard and close the door. Try it---what have you got to loose?
    I can never remember my children throwing fits---maybe once and I just walked away from them. I forget who it was---definately not you. I was experienced by then.
    Help is on the way. Tell him Noni is coming.

  2. Mom - I don't think he is motivated by an audience, it's his personality!!

    If you remember, when he was a wee-bitty baby, he would throw a FIT at meal time. Even after we got his lactose intolerance resolved, he'd STILL throw a fit. Now, when he gets ramped up - I will put him in his room and shut the door. If we're out and about, I'll stick him in time-out, which makes for a funny sight when your toddler is face-first in the corner of a booth, or aisle at Target.

    The good news is > I'm not embarrassed by his behavior. Instead of tuck-tail & run - I'll take it head on. But the fact remains, this child was born with a red-hot Irish temper (just like his mamma). I'm IN for it!!!

  3. Oh my. I just found your blog in the comments of the two is terrific post over at Notes from the totally have my sympathy. We have one that sounds like she'd fit in well with yours, but I can't even imagine having to deal with three of her. I'm bookmarking your blog...maybe it will help when I feel like I'm going absolutely crazy....LOL! Hang in there!

  4. I'm so happy that I had a girl... they are so mellow! LOL!

  5. The other day, when my 18-month-old grabbed something he shouldn't have, I found myself grabbing it back, telling him,"MINE! Mommy's!" Smirk. One of those "can't believe I just said that" moments for sure.

  6. I am struggling with one of my little girls right now too. She has been so touchy lately espeically if she does not get her way and it is starting to drive me CRAZY! The other night I left their room after trying to get them all tucked in and she started screaming. I walked down stairs sat down on the couch and burst into tears. My in-Laws are visiting right now because my DH has been away for going on two weeks. My FIL just looked at me and told me that I am a wonderful mother and that what I am doing (raising triplets) is really hard and it is very normal to get frustrated. God help us on those days when our children are BEARS! I always go with the motto "This to shall pass". He is probably just in a phase right now and hopefull he will snap out of it soon!

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  8. Dad and Kathleen4/12/07, 6:44 PM

    Hi, Mary via Jenna:
    We are so happy that you are coming out to help the brood! It really does take a village and you and Jim are terrific support!
    We will be out after # 4 is born to relieve you two for a day or two? Kathleen will be giving the children swimming lessons if she does not sink in her 2 Alcatraz swims! She and Guy(Charlie) plan to swim La Jolla Cove 1 mile to celebrate new baby's arrival sometime this summer.
    Again, thank you both for all you do.
    Alex and Kathleen

  9. Someone was saying today that we wait with baited breath for our babies to learn to walk and talk, but it's not too long afterward that all we want them to do is sit down and shut up. :) I can TOTALLY relate to that.

    I had to put my 2yo in solitary confinement (i.e., the "baby bed," aka crib) today just so I could clean up three tazmanian devil messes that he made in three minutes - one of which was a Costco size box of grape tomatoes that he reached with the tippy tips of his fingers on the counter and indiscriminately threw at me when I followed him into the kitchen to prevent such a mess. You haven't seen nothin' till you've seen a seething seven month pregnant woman gathering about three hundred teeny tomatoes off the floor after hauling her heavy kicking toddler and even heavier self up the stairs and back down again. Grrr. I bet I could have given your bear a run for his money.;)

    I'm all for hibernation tonight.

  10. P.S. Your family sounds so cool...take a deep breath...they're coming to save the day! :)

  11. You know, Jenna, this might sound too hippy-esque at first, but it's working with my dear 28-month-old Kirk, who has the same stubborn temper that's plagued me my whole life: When I see him working up to something (and 9 times out of 10 I can see it brewing before he blows), I stop, drop to his level, then throw my arms around him in a bear hug (this is key, as it locks his arms down so he can't throw an upper cut), then sit down and rock him and say, "Let's name some things that make us happy. What makes you happy? Tractors? Yes! What else...?" It has worked EVERY TIME, I swear. And it's doable with other kids around, because, as you know, I have triplets, too. In fact, most of the time the other boys chime in with things that make Kirk, and themselves, happy, too. The hardest part, I've found, is catching my own temper before it blows so that I can stop and do this. This whole calming exercise is turning out to be a good coping skill for my own temper control. Just an idea...

  12. I just randomly found your blog. I love it. I hope you don't mind that I add you to my Blogroll.

  13. one word. Testosterone.


  14. As a mother of three Boys... I can tell you that each of mine during the 2's where tough; to say the least. But once they each reached 3.5 - 5 years (old enough to reason with) They begin to evolve into the most wonderful little men you'll ever meet! They think you are "gold"! He will hang on your every word!!

    Then before you know it - your "little man" is 18. Driving a car, graduating from highschool, working and calling you from his "cell" telling you he's meeting his "buddies" and will be home later. Don't wait up, he states. (ofcourse you will and always do) Then before he hangs up -- He gives you those final magical words.... I love you, Mom.

    And your thoughts carry you back to when he was so young; a little boy and his bear.

    Love, Marg