Thursday, April 26, 2007

some things defy logic

I'm not quite sure how it is possible that I've gained so much weight during this pregnancy. When I visited the doctor this past week, I had almost reached 200 pounds.

I can't remember exactly what Charlie said when I told him, but when I asked him to repeat it, this morning - he responded "I told you that you were a beautiful, glowing, pregnant woman."

That's not what I recall.

I think it had something to do with the fact that we might need to put an extra beam for support beneath our mattress.

My craving for peanut butter ice cream has subsided and in it's place is a much healthier craving for strawberries with whipped cream. And when I do eat, I'm not really taking in that many calories.

For every bite that I consume - at least three go to my children.

Yet twice now, I've had to repair the seam in my maternity pants.

If I wasn't going out to Extraordinary Desserts tonight with a few of my fellow triplet moms - I'd probably opt to wear my mumu. But, it's good to look presentable in public.

First thing tomorrow, I'm going to write a letter to the Gap regarding the poor workmanship in their maternity apparel.

Surely it can't be me.


  1. Oh heavens, you totally crack me up!!!

  2. It's not you... it's the baby.... Have fun tonight!

  3. You ARE glowing... and I loved this post. I think you look great!

  4. Jen, you look beautiful. That weight is going to simply melt away once the baby gets here. I would bet a ton is water weight judging by how swollen your feet were and you'll probably drop 20 pounds before you even leave the hospital. That's what I'm going with.

  5. Right there with you...:)

    Have you ever tried strawberries dipped in sour cream then brown sugar? Freaking delicious. AND I discovered it when I was NOT pregnant, so it's honestly not a pickles and ice cream thing or whatever...

    Have a fun dessert night!

  6. MMmmmmmm, dessert night out; MUST.DO.THAT.

    I think you look darling (not sure about the glamour part while sporting that comfy nightie).

    What's your due date again?

  7. You make me laugh and I love the gift you have to write! Thanks for being so honest and I think you look GREAT!

  8. I remember with my last pregnancy how horrified I was to cross the 200lb line. That's when I stopped looking at the scale.
    I'm hoping against all hope that it doesn't happen again, but I'm not convinced that hope will prevail.
    Just remember my mantra: "Fat is crucial for the baby's brain development."
    Good luck for the next few months...