Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Laundry Day

There are some things around here that are nearly impossible to keep up with.

Laundry is one of them.

Three two year olds is another.

Unless I fold laundry at night when the kids are sleeping (assuming I have the energy and inclination), then my best bet for getting anything put away ... is to throw random toys in the drier for them to search out.

It's a wonderful distraction.

This diversion is definitely on par with my method of keeping the children happily entertained while I'm on the phone. All it requires is walking around with a box full of Cheerios and throwing small handfuls in to the air for them to pick up and nibble.

Of course I could just turn on the television.

But that would be too easy.


  1. Jen- I just got caught up here and I'll tell you, you guys just crack me the heck up CONTINOUSLY!!!! What color tutu is Charlie going to wear? Okay, seriously, it will take three to five weeks for the kids to warm up to the class. Trust me on this. As your elder, I tell you to keep going back. They will come around. You will have setbacks, like when two of them pee all over the floor or vomit during class, but it's is SO WORTH IT! Hang in there!

  2. i looooooooooove it. you're supposed to keep up with laundry and toddlers too? :)

  3. I'm the swinger in my family too. I just swing a little more than your husband does...that post was too funny. Ha Ha Ha!

  4. I like your idea. The one about hiding stuff. It is a great idea. I like it. It is a great resource to do that cause it actually helps them be more active.

  5. I love the picture of William in the dryer. LMAO.

  6. Hee! 4 kids and I never thought of the toys in the dryer trick. You are VERY resourceful :)

  7. You are just too funny!!!!! We don't have laundry in our unit, so i can't imagine 3 two year olds! I can barely handle lugging 1 15 month old down to do the laundry!!! Seriously though you make me laugh!

  8. I think Maryann has the right idea. She puts each childs laundry, Clean, in a laundy basket and no more folding or putting away. Makes sense to me.
    Everybody looks so happy and healthy. My first time on the blog in a week and love it.