Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rosie, Rosie, Roseola

It dawned on me recently that if I were to write about all the exciting things that happen in my life... I would spend the majority of each and every day at the computer updating my blog.

I'm sure Charlie would be over-the-moon THRILLED if I were to do that.

(There is no sarcasm in that statement. Really.)

The fact is, I have more "material" to draw from - than I could ever possibly write about. Sometimes, the reason I don't update my blog for several days on end, is not because I don't have anything good to write about, but rather, it's because I am indecisive and completely torn regarding what I should be spending my time writing about.

"Hmmm. Should I tackle our first 2006 experience taking the babies to a swimming pool... or ought I recap how I took all three of them to the mall shopping for new shoes? Both are great stories ... but maybe I ought to spend some time writing about the way our kids insist on putting every single object on top of their head and pretending it's a hat, or how I often overhear Charlie singing songs from the Wiggles and he's currently learning how to play "My Big Red Car" on his guitar."

(If Murray ever leaves the band - Charlie would be a great fit.)

Part of the challenge in updating my blog is sifting through all of our amazing experiences and deciphering what is "mindless" enough for me to condense in to a somewhat readable story. 'Cuz at the end of a long day... I really don't have much brain power left. Especially after a bottle of wine .

Until such time that I give up all of my other responsibilities in life and write all the time ... here is an interesting tidbit of my weekend, thus far:

(Was that a lame attempt at incorporating pictures of the kids wearing their sand pails on their heads? Probably... but aren't they adorable?!)

The mystery of Carolyn's fussy behavior last week... has been solved. I had suspected all of her crankiness could possibly, in a theoretical crap shoot way, be attributed to teething, but I wasn't entirely convinced.

The problem with me blaming her fussy behavior on "teething" is that the logic flies in the face of everything I believe and hold true, when it comes to the diagnosis of fussy behavior in babies. Honestly, so many times "teething" is blamed for a child's fussy demeanor when it really has nothing to do with it, at all.

"The baby won't sleep. Why, it must be teething!"

"The baby is crying a blue streak. Why, it must be teething!"

"The baby won't eat at all. Why, it must be teething!"

I'm not a professional by any means... but after LIVING through the whole "teething" experience with three babies simultaneously, it's my opinion that teething has gotten the short end of the stick.

"Teething" has become the infamous "fussy baby scape goat"... and it just ain't right. Whenever I hear someone try to blame their babies extremely fussy behavior on teething - I know in my heart of hearts it's bogus. Yet, this recent bout of fussiness proves that I'm guilty of it, too. Sometimes it can be SO difficult to figure out why a baby is cranky.

Quite honestly, when I witness our babies in their absolute worst of worst fussy times... it's because they are overtired. To date, I have yet to experience fussy behavior that I can legitimately blame on teething.

Anyway. My apologies on blaming Carolyn's hypersensitive behavior to teething last week.

After several days of extreme fussiness... Carolyn broke out from head-to-toe in a rash. That's when I realized that my blaming her fussiness on teething - was completely misplaced. Even though she is in the midst of cutting her molars... the fussy behavior had nothing to do with her teeth and everything to do with a viral infection.

As soon as the rash appeared, she was right as rain. Perfectly happy, smiling - content as could be. Just like the little Gracie we know and love.

The timing on Carolyn's recovery couldn't have been more perfect, because the very next day... William started becoming more and more hypersensitive, with each passing hour. Rather than blaming his fussiness on teething, I suspected that what had ailed Carolyn last week, found it's newest victim.

What I've learned in the course of this past week, is that boys don't handle illness as well as girls do. Whereas Carolyn appreciated being held while she was feeling "off" ... William absolutely insisted on it. And, the only person that could hold him - is yours truly. If anyone so much as looked at him, he would collapse in to tears.

The poor little guy ... it really broke my heart to see him feeling so cruddy.

But sure enough - today, William is starting to break out in a rash and his fussy behavior is subsiding ... as is is our stash of popsicles and Children's Tylenol. (Incidentally, these are the only two things he has consumed in the past three days.)

I'm assuming that what the kids have is Roseola. It makes sense based on everything I've read. I called the pediatrician's office late yesterday afternoon and after talking with the on-call doctor... decided that a visit was not warranted.

My decision to not go see the doctor had nothing to do with the fact that I'd have to go to the after-hours office, which guarantees a minimum three hour commitment. (Again, no sarcasm there.)

A three hour commitment - on a Friday afternoon - which just so happened to be my mom's 73rd birthday and a party was planned for the early evening. The first question that came to my mind is "What would be gained from this after-hours-minimum-three-hour-visit?"

Probably the advice to keep up the popsicles and Children's Tylenol. And a bill for $75.00.

The doctor laughed when I told her that I'm going to skip the visit and take my chances at home. She then flattered me with the statement that with toddler triplets, I obviously have a big dose of common sense. Otherwise, I'd probably be at the doctor's office once a week.

A big dose of common sense?? Me?! I wouldn't go that far...

How many people would think that putting three babies on safety harnesses for a walk around the block, BY YOURSELF, would be a good idea?? And then, less than a month later... try it again... at a department store??

See, I have too much material to write about. If my memory serves me correctly, I don't think I updated the blog about that adventure.

The fact is, with family in town, I have lots of material to write about. My next posting will have something to do with the "date night" that Charlie and I went on tonight.

How I was literally dragged/shoved out the front door, because if given the option of a fancy dinner out on the town, or staying home ... I would have much rather preferred remaining within 20 feet of my sleeping children, sipping a glass of wine and updating my blog.

I might just be a loser, afterall. With a dash of common sense... and a really clean carpet.

(Now, I'm just hoping that this Roseola skips over Elizabeth ... or if she does get it (highly likely), it is a much more mild case. I'd hate for her to be feeling bad during the time I'm away. After experiencing what William has been like the past two days ... I suspect everyone is praying that any and all illnesses remain at bay until I return.)


  1. Poor babies. I hope Elizabeth gets skipped, too!

    I totally agree with the teething being a scapegoat thing. Expecially when fevers get blamed for teething. Why exactly would breaking a molar in cause a fever? I don't know. But, I must say I've called an ear infection a teething issue at first on several occassions.

    Congratulations on the date, Happy birthday to your mom, and I love the pail hats!

    (PS Glad you are enjoying the butter crocks!)

  2. Jen - I found your blog while reading about the Guinn Triplets and let me say --- you are my inspiration, you, Step and our mutual friends that just had Quintuplets........ Your blog is wonderful. After reading your blog I decided to end the website I was doing and start blogging the trials and tribulations of my 1 child, 2 animals and HUSBAND. Have a safe trip, bless the children, Charlie, your mom and her fiance while they hold down the fort.

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  4. Ang said...
    Jen - I found your blog while reading about the Guinn Triplets and let me say --- you, the Guinns and the Wells (mutual friends of my family and the Guinn family, they just had Quntiupluts) are an inspiration to me....... Your blog is wonderful. After reading your blog I decided to end the website I was doing and start blogging the trials and tribulations of my ONE child, 2 animals and HUSBAND. Have a safe trip, bless the children, Charlie, your mom and her fiance while they hold down the fort.

  5. Awe, poor babies! That doesn't sound like it would be very much fun for the babies or you! I hope that Elizabeth doesn't get it as well.

    I have to say, I am definitely guilty of blaming anything wrong on teething. Isn't that terrible. I swear for the last I don't know how many months, Alyssa should have a full mouth of teeth with as much as I blame her fussiness, her runny nose, her fevers on teething. Yes well, I suppose that's what most new moms do. Besides that, Alyssa is at the age where she should be popping out some teeth. LOL!

    Hey thanks for your help with my blog... I did it and hopefully it worked. It still isn't showing up because of that cookies thing so I haven't gotten to see what the finished product looked like. I appreciate it and I understood exactly what you meant when you were explaining the strike. Thanks again!

  6. Hey Jen!

    Ben just got over a similar virus. Thank God that's over. Also, HERE HERE! on the Dyson Animal vac. We got ours last July and it's THE BOMB...both of our labs are indoors day and night...and boy, can they shed!

    Anyway, glad you've gotten on board w/ the Dyson and hope the whole crew is 100% soon!


  7. Nuts on the Roseola. Fortunately only my first got it! Poor Carolyn and William!! I hope Elizabeth can sneek by without getting it.

    By the way, the kids are way to cute with those pail hats! Good job sneaking in those pics..heheh.

  8. Just came across your website. My son ,a Guinn, and his wife just had triplets in Alant Ga.