Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Denial runs through it ...

“The days are long ... but the years are short.”

I’ve heard this phrase a lot in my life, but I never really understood what it meant. Now I do.

While on my business trip, one of my co-workers asked me how old the triplets were. I’m not sure why it surprised and pained me to say out loud “They are 21-months. My babies will be two, in less than three months.” But right after these words left my mouth, I felt the urge to cry. Sob. Bawl.

More than anything, I wanted to figure out a way to stop time … right now.

My co-worker smiled and said “They’re not babies anymore. They’re toddlers.” I would have decked him – had that “co-worker” not been my boss. So, I responded “Yes. They are toddlers. But so long as they are wearing diapers and sleeping in a crib … they are BABIES to me, and that’s how I’ll refer to them. And you will too, if you know what’s good for you.”

My boss told me that I was in denial my babies were growing up.

This morning over breakfast, as I was talking to mom about plans for Charlie’s 40th birthday celebration in November, mom said to me, “It’s hard to believe that you are going to be 40 in six years.” I had to sit and do the math for a moment, but I replied “Mom, I’ll be 40 in five years.” She looked at me in surprise and said “Are you sure?! I could have sworn you were 34.” To which I responded "Yes. I'm 35 ... but I could have sworn I was 24!"

Jim laughed at the two of us and said “I think you’re both in denial.”

Mom still refers to me as “The baby.” This use to annoy me, but it doesn’t anymore. In mom’s eyes, I will always be her baby.

In my eyes, my children will always be my babies. I'm going to refer to them as babies until they are old enough to protest. Until then, nobody better criticize me for it.

As for denial … I think that’s a river in Africa.


  1. i see you are going with the diaper only look.

    it IS easier!

  2. Could you post a picture of the pick-up truck on blocks, too?

  3. I completely understand that! I can hardly believe that my dd is already 8 months old! It seems like just yesterday that I had her.

    I do really wish we could stop time sometimes! But then I think how wonderful it will be to watch Alyssa as she gets to all the new phases in her life. Each day will bring something new and exciting to us ad that to me is a great thought!

  4. Jen-
    My DH is 42-years old, and his mom and his entire family still refer to him as "the baby". My DH loves it, no matter how he protests.
    They will ALWAY be your babies. Always!

  5. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up. Mine are now 2, they are officially toddlers. Way too fast for me.

  6. I still call my toddler "the baby", too. I agree with your definition. Perhaps that is why I am so slow to potty train my kids. No, wait, that's because I'm lazy.

    They really do stay your babies forever. Sometimes I have to really think hard to remember what my older babies were like when they were still little. That makes me sad. (Also, a good reason to keep blogging!)