Friday, July 21, 2006

"I think they sense fear..."

... those were the first words out of Charlie's mouth this morning, once he'd had his cup of java and became aware of his surroundings.

Elizabeth woke up this morning at 6:15, which is very early by our standards considering we are use to sleeping in until at least 8:00 AM.

What a bunch of lazy sacks.

I brought Elizabeth in to bed, and while she proceeded to crawl all over the two of us... we tried, rather unsuccesfully, to continue sleeping. Why she couldn't sense our intense desire for sleep and just lie her cute little head down with us and close her eyes for another two hours few minutes, is completely beyond me. Rather than laying there peacefully as we were hoping, Elizabeth decided to summon her siblings.

That's right. She summoned them.

If one of our babies is awake and in a different part of the house - and the other two are still sleeping - the one that is awake will emit an ear piercing screech that sends our dog Molly in to a tizzy.

Without fail and usually within a matter of seconds - the other two are fully awake and respond in kind, with an ear piercing screech that sends Charlie and I in to a tizzy.

It's important to note that when the babies are all together in the nursery and one wakes up crying - very rarely does this disturbance have any effect on the other two that are still sleeping. But. If that child is removed from the nursery - the other two are keenly aware of their absence and thus ... the summoning begins.

One of the many things that we've noticed with multiples - is that they have this innate ability to communicate with their womb-mates.

If you've ever seen the movie "Jurassic Park" just picture the raptors, calling one another.

But instead of scaly dinosaurs screeching ... we've got pudgy toddlers.

If your eyes were closed, you'd think for sure you had only mere seconds to live. Raptors and our 21-month old triplets freakishly sound exactly the same.

Because I had a busy day at the office, Charlie was scheduled to be home - alone - with the kids. I could tell he was a little nervous, and rightly so. After having Mom & Jim with us for the past two weeks, we had become accustomed to having a one-to-one ratio with the babies.

Now, Charlie was on his own.

Here he was with a pot of coffee, a dog running around in circles... and three babies who knew that they had their Dad outnumbered.

I'm certain that within a day or two, we'll be back in the game and fully capable of running zone defense with our toddlers.

Funny. They really look harmless enough.


  1. Great blog. I can HEAR those screeches as I read about them. Wish I were close by to give those munchkins a big hug! Thanks for your comments . . . feel like you're becoming a member of my family. My daughters have asked "Who is Jen3?" Since my youngest is a "Jen" also, they were curious.

  2. Yes, I think they can sense even move than fear. When one is awake, they very gently go to the crib and rub the sleeping ones head. Your "gentle,gentle" is paying off in big ways. They are so wonderful---what a treat to be around them and see their antics.
    I miss them.

  3. SOOO funny! I get such a picture in my mind reading this...Wonder how this teamwork and summoning will work for them as teenagers? Yikes! But of course, teenagers do sleep in a lot, so that might make up for it...:)

    Goooooo, dad! (Good luck on the zone defense.)

  4. Too funny! Poor Charlie, and Molly! Looks like the "vacation" is over and things are getting back to normal.

    BTW, Alyssa and I must really be "lazy sacks" because neither one of us wakes until 9am! ;)

  5. It is those innocent ones that one should watch out just never know what to expect! ;)