Monday, July 24, 2006

A Few Little Points to Ponder (II)

Just a few more little points to ponder...

I waited so long to be a mom.

I endured numerous surgeries, shots and days, weeks months of bedrest.

I carried three babies for 31 weeks.

I endured fainting, spontaneous nose bleeds, intense swelling, carpal tunnel, heart burn, PUPPPS, HELLP Syndrome, magnesium sulfate.

I visited my premature infants in the NICU every single day for 6 weeks.

I pumped breastmilk for them, every 2-3 hours, round the clock.

I woke up with them every 2-3 hours for the first 12 weeks that they were home.

I nursed all three of my blessed children from my breasts until my nipples BLED.

I endured clogged ducts, mastitis, and the worst pain imaginable to continue nursing.

There is no doubt about it. I love these children more than life itself.

I absolutely rejoice in seeing their little faces everyday and hearing their little voices.


Now - more than ever ... I feel like I'm about to get washed out to sea whenever they wake up.

Why is it, that if I love these children more than life itself ... nothing makes me happier than when they are asleep?

How come?!


  1. my guess? relief! for a few hours, you know that all three are safe, healthy, and comfortable while in dreamland. there is no biting, no climbing, no fighting over toys, no potential for william to try riding molly while jumping over furniture.. enjoying the quiet doesn't mean that you don't cherish your babies as always!

    btw.. have you seen the commercial with the dog and bobo for petsmart? click on my blog.. it's on there somewhere.. all i can think of when i see it is pink bunny! although bobo was easier to replace! any luck on the bunny boot camp?


  2. btw.. here is the link:

  3. I agree with Jen...relief. The moments of quite.

    When were your kids born? My Natalie was born Oct. 15th 2004. So they should be about the same age.
    You wrote about the frustration of a messy house on the previous old are your friends kids? My guess is that they're old enough to help clean up. My guess is that triplets feed off each other (just a guess) so when one does something (throws food) the others do it too.
    Have you ever heard of Love and Logic? From the time Natalie was 15 months any time she did something that I didn't like I would say uh-oh that is so sad and put her on the naughty chair for 1 minute. (1 minute for ever year they are old) Lately I've been trying to give her a chance to straighten up before the punishment by saying "you need to stop or you're going to have to sit on the naughty chair" She IMMEDIATELY stops the behavior...and toddles over to the naughty chair. So I say when your kids start throwing their food.. mealtime is over. They WILL get the picture. you can go to and they have books...and books on CD because who has time to read :o)

    And GIRL! We are on the same page with garage sales ;) you NEED to post that stuff on Craigslist! You know it's free to post there right? It doesn't take long at all. You should sell that saucer for $50 and as long as the crib stuff is in good shape I'd try to sell it for $150 obo.

    Thanks for posting on my blog ;)

    I have lots of organize/cleaning info for a class I taught at church would you like it? I by no means have an immaculate house--just try to stick to a system sometimes it works, sometimes not so much

    have a great day!

  4. I LIVE for my kiddos to sleep and I don't even stay home with them during the day. After the weekends are over, I go to work to REST after being with them nonstop for 2 days. I'm with you...I love them with all my heart, but sleep is good, really really good.

  5. AHHH I just read your post on Stephanie's REALLY had 30 Avacados????? Can I come visit? ;) I LOVE Avocados...yummmm

    Does it really take 70 years for a tree to produce good fruit? That's what someone posted on Stephanie's blog...maybe she meant 7?

    LOVE em love em love em. Just sprinkle em with salt and eat it!

  6. Oh good, now I don't feel so guilty that I love it when my kids are sleeping too. Funny, they keep me going all day and I can't wait for a minute of QUIET. Then I go tuck them in while they are sleeping and I can't imagine how I could ever get so frusterated with those little angels.

  7. Why are you so thrilled that they are asleep? Because it means one thing: SILENCE. People ask me what the hardest part of raising triplets is and I always say, "the noise!"

    I've just started reading your blog - good work! :)

    emzeegee (Michelle, Mom to 5 yo triplets)

  8. Because when they are asleep they are still. No worrying about what they are doing, who they are hitting and what they are sticking where (in triplicate no less). You can just enjoy them without all of the other stuff getting in the way.

    Seriously, I will trade, avocados for zucchini.

  9. I think I everyone has a bit of that feeling. I sigh, check off another day where they are all safe, well and happy and go to bed with a smile.

    It's a recharging time!

  10. Because you are human just like the rest of us, and we all need time to recharge. Of course you love them, but you'll love them more when you have some break time.

  11. It's relief, recharging, peaceful, etc. You are not bad, you are a mom, and we need those quiet times to help us be a good one.

  12. It will be over so fast you cannot immagine it. RELAX__and enjoy them. Go out in the yard and turn on the water and have fun---they are so wonderful.
    Guess Who?

  13. Think of it this way..if you didn't have the sleeping time, you wouldn't have time to contemplate how much you love them. ;)

  14. I agree about the sleep time being the time you have time to miss them...and the silence. My DH likes to have music or sound in every room...since the birth of our trio, I like a couple of low lamps and SILENCE!

  15. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend not too long ago who also went through so much to have her twins...eight years of trying...and then one day when they were infants, she called her mother, crying because she was wracked with guilt that she just wanted to be away from them for a little while! Her mom said, "I'm surprised that it took you until they were nine months old to feel that for the first time."

    The point is that no matter how much you love them, or what you go through to get them or maintain them, children are children and it is HARD WORK being a parent, and every good one needs a break now and again.

    My experience is that most days are wonder-ful, marveling at amazing little babies, some days have a little wonder and a LOT of stress in them. And other days (a lot of them), all you can do is live until bedtime. :) I'll be the first to tell you that bedtime for my kids is often my dreamland, whether I go to sleep, too, or not. And it's taken me three years to get to the point where I am interested in them waking up before 10 a.m. :)