Monday, April 06, 2009

play ball!

The post I wrote about our BOB strollers on Friday night took me almost six hours. The writing itself didn't take that long, but to pull that post together, I scrolled through almost five years worth of digital pictures. And I looked at almost every one, in absolute amazement at much our children have grown.

Seeing as today is opening day at Fenway Park, I thought this one was particularly fitting.

It's hard to believe the kids were younger than Henry in this picture.

And living with a rambunctious toddler now, it's even harder to believe I ever survived with three of them.


  1. I read the stroller post and thought, "I wonder what her photo organization is like - that she can pull out all these pictures with strollers??" I was a little in awe/jealous that you had some far superior system - haha!

    Anyway, my little guy is Henry's age, and every once in a while, it IS just nice to go back through all those pictures...

  2. The good word in Beantown is the game is being cancelled because of rain...which hasn't even started yet. So, tomorrow is opening day! GO SOX!!!

  3. Hi Jen! Just an update from Boston.....they rescheduled Opening Day until tomorrow at 4:05p.m. It has been cold and overcast with showers all day today and I don't think they wanted to take the chance of being rained out. Bummer. Looks like I'm just going to have to make some Easter cakeballs instead.


  4. I was wondering how long that post took you! I was wondering if you had some sort of search engine for your photos to put keywords in! HA!

    Anyway, interesting to hear you say that the one is more hard than the 3... you need to go into more detail. Makes me feel more normal I guess... since some days I have a hard time keeping up with my 2 kiddos (ages 1 & 3).

  5. Boo for the game getting canceled due to rain delay. But go Red Sox!

  6. ... such a cute picture! I know what you mean about losing time in the photo section of your computer. I could look back through mine for hours and hours!

  7. One of many cuzzins'4/6/09, 6:24 PM

    Good thing they postponed the game. Its been pouring buckets of beans around here and my boys would have gotten drenched over at Fenway.

    Until tomorrow....

    GO SOX!!!

  8. You survived because those "three" slept. Cute picture.


  9. SOX won! Yay! Go Sox!