Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the next american idol

When we rearranged our house a few months ago - transferring the family room in to what was our dining room - and our dining room in to what was our family room, I told my husband that if he would learn a thing or two about electricity and figure out how to successfully move our chandelier, I would endorse his purchase of a new television.

After spending a few minutes contemplating how he was going to pull electricity in to a location where there was none, my husband hired an electrician and the chandelier was moved. Before the electricians were even packed up and out of the house, Charlie showed me a picture of the new television that he wanted to buy to replace our 12-year old model.

Then he showed me pictures of speakers and a shiny silver box.

Of course, if we were going to own this nice new television, we absolutely needed to have expanded cable with high-definition. And we'd also need full surround sound with six new speakers and a sub woofer. Because what was the purpose of owning a HD TV if you don't have the best picture and sound available?

It's. It's. It's like owning a boat and having it sit on a trailer in your garage!

At first, I was a hard sell on this purchase because I hardly ever watch television and we needed to save our money for Montessori tuition. But then Charlie reminded me that our children were no longer IN school. And? When American Idol came back on in two months, it would be like watching a real live concert.

American Idol?

I'd almost forgotten about that!

When I thought of watching the show on a big screen, I collapsed like a house of cards and the television, speakers and HD cable box were delivered within 24 hours. And then we told the children, sorry kids. Now you definitely can't go back to school because Mommy and Daddy have to pay for the new big screen TV that they need in order to watch America's best reality show.

But don't worry. You'll learn how to sing using a microphone.

We love American Idol.

It's my absolute favorite show on television. The problem is, I'm never able to get the children down to bed and the kitchen cleaned by the time the show starts. It's a self-imposed requirement that I clean the kitchen before I relax for the evening, because once I sit down at night, I'm instantly too tired to do anything else. And I just can't live with a macaroni and cheese veneer across our table and floors.

So, I always miss the beginning of the show. And sometimes, I'll miss an entire airing because I get sidetracked with something else that I need to do. Or, if my schedule is really hectic - I'll space out on what day of the week it is.

But, with this new television system that Charlie bought, we now have a digital video recorder, which is probably one of the coolest things ever invented. Now, we just record American Idol and we watch it whenever we have a chance.

Last night, we watched this past week's taping and today I feel compelled to give my opinion on this year's contestants. (Remarkably, I didn't know who got booted off until I watched the show. I'm really good at diverting my eyes from newspapers and search engines that flash the results.)
  • Megan? She's a lot of fun and really beautiful but her time was up. I hope that the recognition and positive acknowledgment that she received from this show will serve her well in life.
  • Scott? He should probably be kicked off next. Although he is great on the piano, I'm not feeling the love for his vocal ability.
  • Anoop? He should probably go after Scott, possibly before. I don't know why, but I just cannot take this guy seriously. I keep seeing him in his button down Polo shirt and khaki slacks and all I can think is, "Anoop Dog! could you help me with my calculus homework?"
  • Lil? Very good, but not the next American Idol.
  • Matt? Very good, but not the next American Idol.
  • Kris? Very, Very good. But not the next American Idol.
  • Allison? I cannot believe she is only 16 years old. This girl has got some PIPES and I really think she could go far very.
In my humble opinion, the winner of the entire season is going to be either Adam or Danny. These guys are both awesome. Infact, I think that they are probably better than any of the contestants that have been on the show in years past.
  • The story of Danny losing his wife and then going on to land a spot in the top 12 is awesome. He reminds me of a straight-laced young Robert Downey Jr and I'm holding hope that he'll belt out Desperado.
  • The story of Adam working hard in the business and never catching a break and then going on to land a spot in the top 12 is awesome, too. I think the comparison Paula made of him to Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger is spot-on.
I absolutely love the premise of this show. It doesn't matter who you are - or where you come from - if you have serious talent - this could be your chance to make it in the business.

So do you watch the show?

Who do you think is going to go all the way?

And most importantly, do you vote?

I certainly hope you do. Since I usually don't watch the show until a week after it airs, my vote doesn't count much.


  1. I picked Danny from his first audition! I would buy his album right now!!!

  2. Hey Jen,

    I never watch the show and I never vote....yes! It's true, It's true.....But, Loved the video!

  3. I have watched every single episode of American Idol since Season 1 UNTIL this season. I started watching the auditions this year and just could not get into this season at all. I have no idea why, but literally overnight I just couldn't stand American Idol! Very strange. I am hopeful that my aversion ends by next season!!!


  4. I couldn't survive w/o my DVR now. Perfect when I need to fast forward through a bad Idol perfomance. I'm rooting for Kris or Danny. Kris was unbelievable on the piano last week.

  5. DVR changed my world. I would hate to go back. I don't like the $$$ but love the convenience and we def get our $$ worth out of how often we use it.

    I am an American Idol fan. My husband is just insane about it. My fave is Anoop. His fave is Matt G.

  6. We LOVE AI. Totally an Adam fan, totally think he and Danny will be in the final. Only voted one season, I HAD to make sure David Cook won over Archuletta.

    The DVR/Tivo is the only way to live. I would never watch anything, if it weren't for my beloved Tivo. I might trade all the chocolate in the world for my Tivo, if it came down to it.

  7. I LOVE AI - it's the only show my husband and I watch together. I totally agree with your comments about the singers... I'd be happy if either Danny or Adam won.

    I thought we were the last people in the world to get DVR - we just got it in Sept and I can't imagine life without it now.


  8. I watch! I watch! I watch! I watch! I watch! I watch! Okay...really...WE watch...Shane & I! And we've liked Danny from the start too. The only issue I have with Adam...okay ONE of the issues I have with Adam...is that he doesn't have an identity! He morfs to whatever the theme is that week...

    And hello? Is the new TV a Sony? Are you helping my hubby keep his job?

  9. OH YEAH...and enjoy the DVR. I can't live without mine now...

  10. I just can't seem to be able to sit through american idol this year. I do like the red head. I think she is VERY good. My husband made me watch it last week. Sorry Bravo has my heart:)

  11. We lucked out and our family was recently chosen as one of Panasonic's Living in HD Families, so they are giving us a whole suite of their products... including a new tv. We just got our new HD/DVR receiver last week and we're waiting for our new 50" plasma to come in and replace the 26" 12 year old crt tube tv... currently the only one in the house. I'm so excited about all the new viewing possiblities!

    I can't wait to see television with theater like quality, but I do worry about watching way too much tv very soon!

  12. dvr changed my life.


  13. I love American Idol. The only season I didn't watch was the one that Fantasia won...season 3, I think.

    Danny and Adam are my picks for the top 2 as well. Danny is an awesome singer and nice to look at. Adam is an awesome singer and nice to look at...and he's gay and everyone knows I'm just a big ol' fag hag, so I *heart* him bunches. I am actually pulling Danny to win so that Adam doesn't have to have the American Idol writers and be pushed into putting out a mainstream album. I'm hoping he'll get to go the way of Chris Daughtry and blow up with his own album.

    And I always vote! I have unlimited texting, so I vote as much as my fingers will allow. LOL.

  14. I like Danny too. I actually record AI here in the UK and prefer to watch it that way as you guys seem to have alot more commercial breaks/ suspense-filled moments than we do so I get to fast forward through them and don't have to wait for results etc.. but then, I am the kind of person who has to read the end of a book before I can fully enjoy the book itself, not very patient/ good with suspense!

    I love Danny too and I hope he wins.

    I am a huge fan of those kind of shows full-stop. Here in the UK we have something called "X Factor" which basically grew from the original "Pop Idol"(which is the UK show that Simon Cowell came up with that grew into the Pop Idol/ American Idol franchise..) It is totall addictive and during X Factor season I actually turned down dates to stay at home and watch it as I didn't want to miss it. Now THAT is sad... ;-)

  15. I love the show. I tape it also. I have the same order as you do. But actually, I think it will come down to Allison and Adam in the final two with Danny voted of 3rd.

  16. I don't watch AI and sometimes I feel like I'm one of the only people in the country who never watches it.

    But DVRs are a godsend when you have kids. Pausing TV to do something, rewinding when your kid suddenly has a screaming fit and you miss crucial dialogue, making Sesame Street appear on the screen when you really need it....ah the wonders of technology!

  17. I watch it...mostly because I want to see Adam perform again. I don't think it's a hard stretch to bet that he'll be taking the prize at the end!

  18. I do not think this "crop" of singers are as good as in previous years but perhaps I'm growing weary of the show. I can't take Paula Abdul! Anyway, I think Adam will win this year - it will be between Allison and Adam I believe and yes, I do vote when I can get through!

  19. It's like you're reading my mind.
    Creepy. :)

    You've pretty much summed up exactly what I think of this year's crop as well! I'm pulling for Danny, in the end.

  20. I think Adam and Danny have equally good and totally different vocals, but I think Adam outperforms Danny.

    Anoop is cheeky, but not in a good way. He should go next.

    Lil is not killin' it. She should go after Anoop.

    Matt has a career in music, but he will not, and should not, win.

    Kris is a doll, but not a doll as in Danny and Adam's league.

    And then there's Scott. I cried tonight. I did. I wanted him to go home, and then? I didn't. Scott is not the vocalist that the others are, but he has talent and he has heart and grace. I didn't see my reaction coming, but I cried.