Friday, April 24, 2009

it's all good

We took the kids to Legoland this week.

The kids loved it.

A lot.

The only complication was that since many of the rides required a 1:1 adult to child ratio, either Charlie or I would hang back with three children, while the other one took turns rotating through one particular ride with each of the kids.

Some of the rides the kids could do by themselves.

And some were very interactive.

Some of the rides would allow one adult to accompany multiple children. But that didn't mean we'd only ride it once. I lost track of how many times we went on this bounce thing. I think it was close to 20.

Notice Elizabeth with her arms up high?

When Charlie took the girls on a rollercoaster, Carolyn held on tightly. Yet Elizabeth, at one point, had her arms high in the air screaming "FASTAH!! FASTAH!!" When I went on that same rollercoaster with her brother, he buried his head in my chest and murmured, "Mommy, please tell me when it's over."

That Elizabeth. I'd expect nothing less from my baby C.

Spending a full day at this Mecca of childhood was not some desperate attempt to earn the everlasting love and adoration of our children.

But it certainly helped.

What surprised me is that we had just as much fun - if not more - than the children did. Infact, we had such a great time, that we opted to upgrade all of our one day tickets for an annual pass.

Now, we could go to Legoland every single day for the next year.

For what an annual pass cost, don't think for a minute we won't try.


  1. I'm jealous that you live so close to Legoland! We've been twice... once to the England one when our daughter was 4, and once to the California one when she was 6 and our middle son was 1 1/2 (he's now 7.... we'd better get back again before he's too old for it, and our little guy has never been at all yet). Enjoy having the season passes.

  2. Awwwwww....... the only thing better than that would be a trip to Legoland with Noni. :) We still haven't gotten there yet. We need to do that!

    The size difference in your girls is IDENTICAL to my girls. Would you stop copying me?

  3. We just went a few weeks back. I just love Legoland.

  4. Do you have to have small chilren to go to Lego Land?
    'Cause I could borrow some.

  5. OMG, that place looks awesome!!!! Chase would LOVE it!!! I wish we had a place like that close enough to go to on a regular basis. We use to have Astroworld (not the same, trust me), but it closed down. Now the closest are in San Antonio. I'm so jealous!!!

  6. One of many cuzzins'!4/25/09, 1:15 PM

    Loved Legoland when we went back in 2006. My favorite was the store with loose lego pieces in every single color one could imagine.

    Fun times! You're making great memories.

  7. Call us the next time you guys go! We are SOOO there! - We've never been and really want to go!

  8. I'm just some random mom who stumbled across your blog looking for an O'Henry Bar recipe and ended up reading your entire triplet story. And about the last month of posts. While nursing a 9-month-old. And reliving my own NICU memories from when my now-4-year-old was born at 31 weeks. So just know I'm adding you to my Blogger reading list because your stories have the ability to make me laugh out loud. And I'm also going to make those bars after I get the baby to sleep tonight ;)

  9. That looks like such a fun day. I cannot wait to go when we come out.

  10. That looks like such a FANTASTIC time!
    That is rough, being outnumbered by kids. i have been there. Not fun. It makes for a very long day with lots of waiting....

  11. Legoland sounds fun. We live close enough to go, but haven't gone yet. Thanks for the review.

  12. Is it new? I didn't realise they had a legoland in the US (not that I've ever been there). We went to the one in Germany and I am amazed as to how many rides are exactly the same. Our family loves lego - it's a truly inspirational place (and an Engineers dreamworld).