Thursday, April 09, 2009

the great imagination

One day he is able to fly.

One day he is Spiderman.

One day he is Dash.

One day he is Pinocchio.

One day he is a pirate. Or a skeleton.

William has the most vivid imagination of our children. Currently, he won't answer to William, and only answers to John or Michael. Those are the little boys from the story "Peter Pan."

For the past several months, he has had an imaginary friend, Tresiam.

Tresiam is green and has leaves on his head. Sometimes, Tresiam lives in a tree. Sometimes, Tresiam is his daddy. Sometimes, Tresiam is growing in his belly. All the time, Tresiam is his best friend. I initially thought Tresiam was a child at his school. But when I asked the schoolmaster about a "Tresiam" she went through every class roster and told me that there was no one by that name.

Within the past few days, William has another new friend, Straw.

Straw goes everywhere with us.

When I took the children to get their haircut one day last week, William lost Straw. He was on the verge of collapse as we were walking out of the salon and the stylist who had just cut his hair looked at me with a very concerned expression and said, "Oh dear. Did he lose a toy?" Before I could respond, William sobbed, "Straw! I lost MY Straw!!"

The stylist frowned and asked, "Straw? I've never heard of Straw before. What does that look like so I can keep my eyes peeled?" I smiled and said, "It's a plastic thing that you might use to suck fluids from a cup." She gave me a puzzled look and I added, "Don't worry about looking for it. I have a box of 500 at home."

Charlie keeps telling me that he'd like to go on a date night to a comedy club.

But I can't imagine any of the paid professionals could put on as good of a show as what we get for free at home.


  1. What a cute, cute boy and I'm sure the show is suuuuperb!

  2. LOL, William has apparently got the same ideas as Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (2 year old daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). On Oprah, Brad said that Shiloh only answers to John or Peter from Peter Pan.

    The straw thing is too funny! When my younger sister used to lose her 'blanky' (the blanket she was swaddled in as an infant, which gradually disintegrated into tiny pieces) my mom would tear up an old roll of curtain material, as we had yards of the stuff. Years later, she still has a blanky, but no one has any idea if it's the 'real thing'. It's all about perception! Lucky William decided on such a plentiful item for his special thing.

  3. Hey Jen ... Stopping by from C. Board.

    Just an FYI -- I can't log and read your awesome blog at work anymore because our web filter has your new site listed as pornography!

    How funny is that!(snort)

  4. I love the stories, I only have a 2 year old so she says the funniest things, but no imaginary frineds yet, thanks for the funny stories, although not as funny as your post about Woody!!!!

  5. Awww... That's so sweet.

    My little sister once walked around with a skinny tree brance, claiming that it was her "boyfriend."

    Kids are great.

  6. I know what you mean. I am constantly laughing with my girl. She has a few imaginary friends now too. Mostly their names are actual friends she has met at the playground. Straw is a good one. You don't have to worry about keeping an eye out for it seeing as you have 500 more at home.

  7. Too Funny about Tresiam.

    We have a "friend" Tay Tay who has been with us for almost 3 years now. He is currently on a trip to the Dominican Republic (???) but will be returning with the Easter bunny on Sunday.

    The imaginations are priceless.

  8. My younger sister carried a yellow string named "Herman" with her for years .. I mean till about 12 years old. It was from one of those Blue Crown Royal bags. She lost Hermie roller skating at the roller rink. She still sees a Crown Royal Bag and mourns him a bit.

    Too much fun.

  9. SO Cute!!!! Brings back memories. Brian used to have a few friends as well.

    One that comes to mind was named "George". A very good friend until "my brother George" yelled at Brian because due to being in danger. Next thing ya know - "George" became homeless and now lives in a cardboard box. (Don't ever cross a child with a good imagination) ;-)

    So cute. Marg.

  10. How wonderful.
    My youngest is really teaching my oldest about imaginary play. My oldest was very into trains and cars and trucks, but my little one has taught him to animate their stuffed animals and tap into his fantasy life.
    Neither of them have an imaginary friend which makes me kind of sad. I never had one either, but am fascinated by them.
    I love Straw!

  11. Better idea, hire William out to a comedy club then go watch him free. I LOVE his imagination, so creative.
    What joy it brings me to read your blog and watch those tiny little creatures you brought home from the hospital turn into these delightful children.