Thursday, February 12, 2009

where's waldo?

I have spent the past hour looking at this photo.

You can zoom in with amazing detail. I'd really love to get a lens like that for my camera.

Of particular note:
  • The curvature of the earth comes in to play before you can see an end to the sea of people. And I think it is absolutely hilarious that someone actually wore a Waldo hat to this event. Can you see them?
  • The secret service agents camped out on roof tops. I count at least 16. Although I can't tell if they are all secret service agents or crazies that are trying to get a good glimpse of the President.
  • The little boy on his father's shoulders wearing a bright orange hat. You can actually see him before you even begin to zoom in. Since that hat would be visible from outer space, good choice Dad on outfit selection!! If I took my children to an event with that many people, I'd dress them entirely in that same exact color. And then, I'd strap a flashing beacon to their heads.
  • Even within the nice seats where people were provided blue lap blankets, I definitely see more than one person who would have greatly benefited from one of my hand knit fuzzy scarves. And since I have continued to neglect this...
I have already completed one and am 1/2 way finished with the second.


  1. That is an amazing photo. I just sent the link to my kids and husband! Now I'm going back to look at it for hours.

  2. My son went to the Football (soccer) world cup with my husband when he was 4 1/2 (held in Germany, we were living in Aus). I made my husband promise that he would write his phone number and name on our sons arm in pen (I did it in permanent marker before I left - they went for 2 1/2 weeks so these things wear off).

    They both came back with only happy memories (my husband carried him on his shoulders in all crowd situations (and although drank a lot of beer, lost 2kg - now that's a lot of crowds).

    He had an Aussie tattoo on each cheek - so I bet that helped.

  3. That is a great picture! And I was there! But you can't see me in the picture. I was not there soon enough to be so close. Still, it was fun!

  4. I love how almost all the people sitting down are texting.

    God bless America and unlimited texts for $20/month!

  5. trust me - they are all secret service. they don't like company on the rooftops! Or other people with telescopic rifles.

  6. MAN! Look at HOW cold those people look!!!!!! Definately in need of a scarf! So many can benefit from one of YOUR hand knit scarves!!;-) What a gift.
    Love, Marg.