Monday, February 09, 2009

hell week

Thursday, croup in three of our four kids.

Friday, stomach flu in the fourth.

Saturday, coughing and crankiness all around.

Sunday morning, violent vomiting in one of our children that landed us in the doctor's office.

Sunday afternoon, violent vomiting begins with the second of our four.

Sunday late afternoon, crying and ear tugging and extreme clinginess begins with the baby.

Sunday evening, violent vomiting begins with the third of our four.

Sunday later evening, violent vomiting begins with the patriarch.

Sunday later, later evening, matriarch wonders why it is again that we live 8-hours from the nearest family member?

While I was holding a bowl a few minutes ago for my poor, sweet Elizabeth, I told her how proud I was of her. Not only did she run and make it to the toilet in time when the flu first struck, but she hasn't cried once during this whole ordeal.

In fact, she summoned the energy to congratulate her sister on also making it to the toilet on time and then, she stood up and gave her a high-five while saying, "Way to go, Gwacie! Good job!! You made it!!"

Unfortunately, my girls were unable to get off the couch in time for the next 10 vomiting episodes, but it amazes me that they are all handling this so well.

So while Elizabeth was laying in bed, with her beautiful dark hair across the white pillow, and an angelic face looking up at me with rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes, I told her that when I was a little girl, I would cry every time I threw up. When I told this to her, she softly placed one hand on my cheek and said, "Mom, I was with you. I was always with you. And tonight, if you are sick, I pwomise I'll be there and bunny will be there, and we'll hold a bowl for you."

I never would have imagined such sweetness could exist.

But God willing ... her act of kindness won't be necessary.


  1. J--

    Call Grandma S. if you need anything--medicine or food from the store? Joe-Joe's? She's back in San Diego.


  2. Oh, Jen... hell week, indeed. I am SO sorry! Sending 'stay well' vibes to you, and 'recover quickly!' vibes to Charlie and the kiddos.
    Hugs from a distance

  3. Holy Crap!

    Bless your heart indeed!

    There is a special place in heaven for people who have to deal with that much illness all at once.

    I hope this week is better.


  4. Oh my gosh what precious children you have. This brought tears to my eyes, I pray that everyone is on the mend and you continue to stay well.

  5. What a sweet child.

    Good grief, though, what is going ON OVER THERE?

    You aren't supposed to have sick kids. Where are they getting all this? At gym class?

    Hope you are all feeling better soon.

  6. aw.. sweet sweet Elizabeth. :)
    you're lucky to have her, to have all of them.

    God bless you. :D

  7. I never thought I'd say this after a vomit post, but... AWWWWWWW!!!! That last part was so cute.

    I hope everyone is up and feeling better (and then someone needs to take care of mommy!)

  8. Oh my goodness. That is truly sweetness. So darling that even a little girl can have such empathy and desire to "be there." PRECIOUS. And how quickly hell can turn into heaven, eh?

    Hope everyone feels better soon, and especially that bunny won't have to help hold the bowl.

  9. Jen,
    New reader that found my way here from "Daddy Scratches." Just wanted to send some good thoughts your way while everyone's insides are reemerging! Hang in there Mom! Hopefully they will all be well and able to hold the bowl for you (God forbid!) if it comes to that.

  10. So cute!!!


  11. oh gosh.....and i thought rota was awful with just ONE kid and me getting it!!

    Here's hoping you don't need that little angel's hand (or bunny for that matter!)

  12. GAH!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, I'm so sorry. I had two barfers on my commute back from AZ recently and I thought that was bad.

  13. That might be one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. I hope you don't get any of it though.

  14. I hope it is over soon. Sweet Elizabeth---she is a charmer.

  15. oh my gosh, i'm tearing up at elizabeth's comment. what a darling angel you have.

  16. I tried hard and could only think of one good thing besides Elizabeth's sweetness...

    ... if you get sick at this point, everyone else will be much better and you will have everyone caring for you the way you doted over them.

    But I really hope you don't get it; throwing up is THE WORST.

  17. OMG!!! That is a cute picture of the kids watching TV... you captured "Clifford" in the mirror. Puking sucks! Make sure those guys don't get dehydrated! We had to take Shayna to the ER for that... not fun!

    Hopefully your marathon training is not suffering, as well. You guys need a treadmill!!!

  18. "she softly placed one hand on my cheek and said, "Mom, I was with you. I was always with you. And tonight, if you are sick, I pwomise I'll be there and bunny will be there, and we'll hold a bowl for you."

    It doesn't get any sweeter than that! :D
    Brought a tear to my eye. :::::sniff:::::

    ~Cindy! :)

  19. I hope all the awful sicknesses leave you guys well alone for a long, long time now after all that you've suffered these past few days! Prayers for good health coming your way.

  20. Yikes you guys have really been crapped on haven't you. I sure hope everyone feels better very very soon. What a sweet sweet child(ren) you have. Bless their little hearts. Godspeed in the healthy department.

  21. Oh my God what incredible gving and loving children you have raised. If only every child was blessed with the loving, patient parents that are you and Charlie.
    Yea I sure it was pretty disgusting but how can you resist

    When I told this to her, she softly placed one hand on my cheek and said, "Mom, I was with you. I was always with you. And tonight, if you are sick, I pwomise I'll be there and bunny will be there, and we'll hold a bowl for you."

    I know most days are "trying" but this day,this time was beautiful

  22. Oh no! That definitely qualifies for the title of Hell Week. I'm hoping that this week is better and that you miraculously manage to avoid the cooties that are being passed around.

  23. Oh my! Hang in there. What a sweet, sweet thing for your child to say. I hope everyone is better soon.

  24. Oh, oh, oh. You poor thing. I hope you stay well!!!

  25. Oh! Jen, this too shall pass. After "hell week" running and training for the 26 mile marathon will be a "piece of creamy fudge".

    Think of this as part of your training......

    Hope everyone is better.


  26. Sipping an early-morning diet coke. Reading your newest post. This sentence made me stop in my tracks. "Love is alive when it is giving, dying when it is exchanging and dead when it is taking." Gulp.

    In trying to cope with the never-ending responsibilities of parenting, I have started thinking in terms of, "If I do this, then I want this." If you get a night off this week, I would like one. If you spend two hours on Saturday morning playing Ultimate Frisbee, I want two hours off in the afternoon. We have had so many negative interactions because I insist on this type dynamic in our parenting realtionship, and it is killing our love. I believe this is currently my biggest obstacle to happiness in our ten-year-old marriage. The survival of our marriage, in part, depends on me breaking this thought process.

    Thanks, Jen, for reminding me that love gives, not exchanges.

  27. I hope that everyone gets better soon! I can only imagine the laundry you are doing.