Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i'm at a loss

We live in an area of the country where we can take our children swimming, in an outdoor pool, any day of the year. Except for those days the pool requires shock treatment because someone *forgot* to put their baby in a swim diaper.

No, it was not me.

Or Charlie.

Or any of our children for that matter.

For the past four days, we have spent the majority of our time floating in the pool on boogie boards. This is winter in Southern California. This is February.

Recently, we were approached with an opportunity to move. It would happen in a few months, after our marathon. But it would take us out of California and put us elsewhere in the country. Somewhere it is unlikely we could float on boogie boards in the middle of February. Or enjoy an average annual temperature of 65 degrees.

I really don't know what is more difficult.

Making a decision over what the best thing is for our family and where our future will be ... or, watching this video, while sipping a cup of Earl Grey, and not having hot tea shoot out my nose.

Ooga. Chakka. Hooga. Hooga. Ooga. Chakka.

What's with the dogs? And the angels?

I am so confused.

(edited to add: The sound of moving, much like the song in this video, sounds really nice to me. But when I try to envision moving and leaving our home for the past 12 years ... when I try to imagine what our lives would be like outside of California ... I feel queasy, like I'm standing on the seat of a moving motorcycle. Maybe I just need to throw on my bear suit and take a bite out of the fish that is life?)


  1. Jen,u r truly amazing as is ur family!i have been following ur blog since last year. me and my daughter stumbled on it while searching for a dog's pic, and found ur triplets along with the helped us make a good grade 5 project.and i have been hooked to ur blog ever since.i am from Allahabad,India and my husband has had splenectomy for splenic lymphoma.he is fine now, and prayers had a lot to do with his recovery, i am praying for Deanna and an sure God is looking after her.

  2. That's absolutely ridiculous ... both the video and the thought that you would consider moving ;) I'm kidding. The video is hilarious - and I'm enjoying 24 degree temps in Ohio right now. Not fun to train for a marathon when you're running outside in the dark at 22 degrees :) BUT - if you're going to be closer to your family, I'd consider the move too!

  3. That was truly frightening, and I'm pretty sure I'll be scarred for life. Thanks a lot.

  4. Jen...some of your posts need a warning at the top. Thank goodness I had swallowed my cereal before pressing play. Honestly I can't get this song out of my head now ;)

    Good luck with your decision. I know you have thought in the past about moving. We are still bundling up here in CT...not swimming in a pool.

  5. This video is hilarious. Gotta love the Hoff.

    Thanks for the tip about not drinking while watching -- saved me from shorting out my keyboard.

  6. Moving is hard. Moving away from here would be hard. But sometimes the best things are the hardest. I remember how much agonizing we did when we moved here. But I'm so glad now that we did. I hope you have clarity and peace while making your decision.


  7. If you thought that was strange, do a google image search for "Hasselhoff puppies." Apparently he really, really, really loves them.

  8. Alrighty then... how BIZARRE is that video?!?
    I don't envy your position in having to make a decision on moving (since I envy you all being able to be in a pool OUTSIDE in February!). Tough one.

  9. I could NOT watch that video without laughing out loud, and nearly spilled my coffee too. Awesome! Did you also see his Crazy for You video? Thanks for sharing - too funny!
    Now I can [almost] forgive you guys for living in California and swimming in February. Here in the Canadian prairies it's super cold, a -27'F windchill this morning, and I have to shovel snow off the driveway again. Getting tired of winter!

  10. oh my word. the dogs and the angels.

    Girl, you've been talking about moving for sometime now. Is this opportunity close to family???

  11. M'Dear, I DID put on the bear suit and take a bite out of life . . . and that bite gave me brain freeze! I'm glad for the adventure of living in England, which has a mild winter compared to, oh, say our own mid-West USA, but not being able to go outdoors anytime we want has changed our lifestyle so extremely... It's a change I ultimately would not make permanently.

    HOWEVER, I'm also very vested in keeping you in San Diego. Don't go!


  12. You two will be happy no matter where you lived.

  13. Unless you're moving to Hawaii... oh, nevermind...

  14. Jen, don't move!! We left CA 3 years ago (to be closer to our family in MA) and it's been tough... SO MUCH of my/kids lives in CA was spent outdoors! In the winter the majority of people here hibernate (and go stir crazy), unless it has just snowed. When your kids are driving you nuts and you want to stick them in the back yard for a bit to escape, you can't, because it's freezing outside!! We went to the playground today because the temp. went UP to 34 degrees. Just reminding you what it's like... It's definitely an adjustment!!

  15. WHAT???? Kind of leaves me speechless!

  16. Okay I just have to say....

    I really think David needs to start drinking again...!!! ;-)

    Love, Marg.

    PS I agree with my dear "smart" Mother ~ you'll be happy anywhere.

  17. OK, I think I'm at a total loss of words for that one. Wow, all I can say is wow.

  18. Do you have to move? Listen to your gut. I liked the video--guess I am not "with it".

  19. Okay Jen, back away from the chocolate and listen to me. I think perhaps you need a little reminder of a typical winter in New England.....I just walked outside to pick up my newspaper AND IT IS FROZEN TO THE DRIVEWAY. So I have two choices here. I can either lay down in the driveway to read the front page, or I can wait until the Spring thaw. Jen,
    there's a reason WHY birds fly south for the winter. BECAUSE THEY ARE SMARTER THAN WE ARE!! If you really want to do it, let's just trade houses.
    I can be ready to leave New England in about five minutes.

    P.S. I have a better idea..let's ALL move back to S.C.!!

    XOXO Anne Marie

  20. I spent 13 years in our last location. Loving every minute and never considering moving.

    Then one day, opportunity knocked, we opened the door and we all love it (including the kids who are now 5,7 and 9 - we had a vote last sunday and nobody wishes they were anywhere else on earth - believe it or not). We are coming up to 2 1/2 years. We are going to extend for at least another 2 years. Then move onto another country we know little about. We sold our old house and have no reason/or intention to ever move back there. I must stress - we loved living there. Every day. Until we decided to move.

    Moving is not a bad thing. Change can be good. A new adventure, a new opportunity. I'd be trying to move overseas if I were you. More family time and companies pay for all the schooling. Plus - there are excellent schools to pick from.

    Grad the opportunity, make it to somewhere you could find attractive - then run. What's the worst that can happen, you move back in 2 -3 years?

  21. Hey! Don't Hassle the Hoff! That video was very funny. As for moving, well, we moved 90 miles north (south of LA to north of LA...still is so cal) and it was an adjustment. I would find it hard to leave, but of course for family I would. And maybe for a New England Autumn