Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today we purged our closets and garage. We filled up at least 10 bags of clothes for a local shelter and we donated several household and baby items that we will no longer need. While Charlie was loading up some old stereo speakers in to the back of his truck, I ran my hand over the crib and highchair that we would be giving away.

Once upon a time, not very long ago, there were three matching cribs and three matching high chairs. We gave two of the highchairs away a couple years ago. But we held on to one of the highchairs for Henry, which he has since outgrown. And although we do still have two of the cribs, including one that has been converted to a double bed for the girls and the crib that Henry currently lays in for a few hours before coming in to our bed sleeps in at night ... as I watched these once critical baby items leave our house, I felt a sense of sadness sweep over me.

It wasn't that long ago our children were so small.

Slowly, the baby supplies are going.

Quickly, it seems this phase of our life is passing.

While I stood outside trying to hold back tears, Charlie walked up and putting his arm around my shoulders said, "I feel oddly sad right now." It felt good to know that he understood the significance of moving these items out of our home. I looked up at my husband and through blurry eyes nodded, "Yes, I know! It's really sad to see some of this stuff go, isn't it?"

Charlie was quiet for a moment before he added, "Yeah. Those were my very first stereo speakers."


  1. Awwwe did you kick him?

  2. ~Cindy! :D3/1/09, 4:29 AM


    ~Cindy! :)

  3. Ahhh... poor Charlie... sniff sniff...

  4. He is a BIG goober; such a man!

  5. Hi Jen,

    Just wanted to let you know I added your button to my blog (from a couple of posts ago). I don't have a huge following of readers, but I think your cause is really worth it so I wanted to do my part.

    I'm sorry to say that I can't donate myself right now, and I feel terrible about that... but unfortunately I'm barely able to afford all the fees currently associated with my schooling (yipes) and have no current source of steady, disposable income. But I did make a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society last fall when a friend of mine was participating in a Walkathon, and I do think this is a very noble cause. I will be donating to cancer research in future as soon as I'm able to.

    All the very best with your fundraising, you guys are doing amazing!


    P.S. About THIS post... that's so hilarious! I might have slapped him, lol.

  6. Thank you!!!! I am in the middle of clearing out my house for a big move. I stared to tear-up, understanding exactly what you you are going though-but you saved me with a laugh!!!

  7. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sensational. Send it into a magazine or something. It's perfect!

  8. In my defense....they were a really nice set of Polk Audio speakers....

  9. Awww I bet it's hard, but look how beautiful your growing family is!! Your cribs look very strong and sturdy....we are in the market for one, any suggestions as to which one to get? There are SO many choices!!

  10. LOL... I love it! That was too funny!

    You asked about the donation page for my Breast Cancer 3Day... the link is the picture of my mom on the right hand of the blog. ;~) I am 50% of the way there!! YAY! I am participating in the Oct walk in Washington DC... I can't wait! I want this disease to be a distant memory!

  11. You know what they say about giving your baby stuff away? Look what happened to me?
    Charlie loves his music--and the patter of little feet.

  12. Only men!

    Glad you are able to free up some space with saying goodbye to some baby stuff. I HATE how much room all that stuff takes up!!

  13. I love Charlie. He the man.

  14. OMG ... he was kidding ... right?! I can't bear to get rid of my baby stuff either ... My baby just turned 1. The other two are 6 and 4 ... maybe just MAYBE we'll add another?!?!

  15. Glad you enjoyed the grapefruit! Mark and I eat one every day! So yummy!

  16. Jen, GO USE GET THAT MASSAGE NOW!!!!!! If anyone needs it, it's you. Also my massage therapist told me yesterday it helps with your strength training, muscle building, stamina and of course relaxation for the mother of 4. An you especially need it to help Charlie over the loss of his beloved stereo equipment. That's a heavy burden to bear.