Monday, June 16, 2014

this and that and now i need kleenex

Last month, someone wrote to me and asked about our blog books and in my response e-mail, I promised that I'd link to the company Charlie has used.  Here's that link: Blog2Print.

Last month, someone else wrote to me and asked about what kind of sandals our girls were wearing in this photo I'd posted to Twitter.  Now that I'm looking at the photo, I notice you can't see their sandals - but they really were wearing sandals, so maybe it was a different photo I'd posted. Or my eyesight is much worse than I think it is:


Regarding the sandals they were wearing in this photo, which I don't think you can see, they're Keens, of course. Here's that link: Keen Footwear.  These are still our all-time favorite shoes. It seems like just yesterday, I took them shopping for their first pair of itty bitty keens...


Look at how tiny! And now, they're wearing Keens that are almost the same size as mine.

Time, you go way too fast!


Earlier this month, someone wrote to me and asked if I'd talked to our children about the birds and the bees yet and the answer is no. Not really. Although I know the time is drawing very near and will likely happen over the next few months.

How do I know they're ready? Well, they're getting curious. For example, this past weekend, I noticed that our children had discovered the phenomenal book, "A Child is Born" and were in the process of reading it from cover to cover.  Actually, only one of our children ~ our most mature ~ was reading it from cover-to-cover….


The other children were busy doing things like peering over their sibling's shoulder and making funny faces at the various prenatal, delivery, and postnatal pictures.


And walking around the backyard with a lampshade on their head that they'd pulled out of my Goodwill donation pile, testing items to evaluate if they were magnetic.


Here's one taking a break from skateboarding down the driveway (hence the PPE), to harass their sibling's magnetic testing process. MOM! IF I WEAR HEADPHONES, I CAN'T EVEN HEAR HER YELLING AT ME! This is so great. Can I keep these forever?! 


Gosh, I'm nostalgic looking at these random pictures I took this weekend.  

Remember these moments: the days before the birds and the bees talk, the days of lampshades on heads, the lacrosse gloves and elbow pads for skateboarding, and the ribbing that siblings do. Remember these moments because they don't last forever.

Now I'm totally weepy. It must be crazy hormones.