Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31

The scene at our house today:

Racing various contraptions that we'd built out of Trio blocks down the hallways....






Louie strolls over to investigate...


George Washington, er ... I mean Paul Revere makes an appearance.



Little brothers leave the warmth of my lap and embrace...


To join their big brother and dress up like a character from the 18th century....


There was some animated movie watching via our iPad and live streaming on Netflix, while Louie had a staring contest with the fire...


There was a rambunctious game of boys versus girls in Pictionary...

(This is a prison...)


(This is a cookie...)


And then we sat down with the children and thought about all of the wonderful things that we'd like to do next year. Not necessarily "Go here and there..." or "See this and that..." but more along the lines of, "Be kinder than necessary. Make friends.  Include people. Smile. Bring sunshine - where ever we go. Challenge ourselves to implement Ann Curry's 26 Acts of Kindness."

Charlie and I tucked the children in to bed and now we're going to go watch our own movie as we ring in the New Year.  I'd read something the other day about people who were going stir crazy feeling like they were trapped inside their homes and had a severe case of cabin fever following the holidays. This feeling is so foreign to me. I've never been so content as I have these past almost two weeks when I've left the house for no more than five hours, total.  Today as I was puttering around in my slippers, playing with our children and lounging in front of the fire, I kept wondering if I was the incarnate of a hermit?  I absolutely love staying home and really hope to do more of it.

Goodbye 2012.  This has been a year of enlightenment and growth for me. As we embark on 2013,  I feel like I have clarity, focus, determination and best of all - - gratitude.  It's my most heartfelt prayer that this is a wonderful year for everyone. And I'm convinced it can be ... if you will it so.

Happy New Year!


  1. Amen! I went to the UU Church on Sunday and the lesson was on Gratitude---and Attitude. Enjoy---Happy new Year!!

  2. Wishing you and yours a blessed, fruitful, content 2013. Looking forward to seeing where life and your path take you this year.