Wednesday, December 05, 2012

December 5

When Carolyn woke up on Monday morning, crying that she didn't feel well and couldn't go to school, my initial response was that she just wanted to sleep in on the brand new (amazingly awesome) chamois sheets that I had bought for her bed (and her brothers' bed) on Sunday afternoon (and that I intend to go back and buy for our bed because I don't think anything more comfortable has ever been invented). When she shook her head and said, "I love my new sheets, but I promise that's not it!" I began to think that perhaps she had picked up the cold that her brother, William, had over the weekend.

(Here's Henry defending his sister with the lid of the brand new Calphalon pan my mother sent us for Christmas.  Whoa ... I just looked up this pan on Amazon and it is $179.95 and on the Calphalon Store website it's $49.99.  How are those pans different other than the $130 sticker price variability?!)


When Carolyn missed school again on Tuesday and slept for almost six hours during the day, Charlie began to wonder if perhaps she wasn't having a strep relapse? "No, no, no, of course not .... silly!" I told him because I'm related to several people in the medical field and I know things of this matter by process of association. "She just finished her antibiotic a week ago. There's no way it could be strep again this soon,"said the wise daughter and sister of multiple pharmacists.

But when she was even worse today and missed school for the third day straight, Charlie took matters in to his own hands and brought her back to the doctor, where she was diagnosed with another severe case of strep throat AND an all new ear infection. So, my take-away from this week is that indeed, you can have an immediate relapse of strep throat once you cease your antibiotics. Take heed!

Now, I'm worried that perhaps Louie is the strep carrier. Apparently dogs can carry the strep infection and pass it on to their people. Unfortunately what Louie doesn't have is medical insurance, so I'm sure that regardless of the outcome, I'll be forking out at least $200.00 on a veterinary examination and laboratory evaluation when I bring him to the vet, tomorrow.

Dear God, please bless this food and make the bad germs go 'way fohwever.




  1. Poor little love. Hope see is feeling better soon. (And hope the rest of the clan stay healthy as well!)

  2. Kim (Canada)12/6/12, 8:46 AM

    I have heard (from a doctor when my son had recurrent ear infections after taking an antibiotic) that it probably was not the right medication in the first place. Not sure if that helps but I hope she feels better soon!

  3. holy hell, those are some expensive sheets? I don't know if i could bring myself to spend over fifty dollars for a single fitted sheet.

    re: strep, so sorry Carolyn is sick again. Are you throwing away her toothbrush? Also, we had a run of strep where I had to bleach down all the door jambs etc, and I mean everything, to finally get on top of it.

  4. Does she have her tonsils and adenoids? Maybe see an ENT. Hope she feels better soon!

  5. Leann: I bought them on sale and I had a coupon!! They don't make the top sheet, just the bottom and shams but I'll tell you what - they are awesome. Even better than any flannel I've ever slept on! Let's revisit this in a few months and I'll let you know how well they hold up and if I still feel the same way..... :)

  6. Oh and yes - in addition to tossing the toothbrushes and decontaminating the house, we've started a new more powerful antibiotic. Fingers crossed.....

  7. Oh, I feel for you. Last winter my son got sick over and over again with strep and ear infections. We were back at the doctor every 2-3 weeks from Jan 1 - the end of March...when it was determined his tonsils had to come out and tubes placed in his ears. 2 other kids in his class had tonsils out around the same time. Ugh. We did everything (EVERYTHING) we could at home to keep him healthy, but nothing seemed to work. After his tonsils came out...not sick one day. He's had a cold this week & that's the first illness since last March. A tough road, but the best results in the end. I hope you don't get to that point, but hang in there!

  8. we had our dog tested for strep...btw it is NOT the throat they swab! It came out neg. The only thime my daughter has ever gotten strep (4 times) she was on antibiotics for something else. Hope she feels better soon!

  9. I have only had strep several times in my entire 30 years of life and I can remember how horrible I felt each and every time. The last time I had it was 4 years ago and it took nearly two MONTHS to get rid of it. I took a z-pak, and then a 14 days course of amoxicillin, and then finally when my doc sent me to an ENT they gave we a walloping shot in the butt (ouch) and Omnicef and it thankfully went away. Each time I'd feel better while on the meds and then a day or two after completing them it would hit again full force. It was awful but if I get it ever again I'll ask for the shot first. It wasn't worth it! Sometimes I think it's just a matter of finding the right medicine.

    Thinking about my Gracie---hope she is feeling better.

  11. Ha, Mom! It wasn't that I was looking up the PRICE of the gift, per se .... I was just linking to it. That said, I certainly hope you didn't buy it through Amazon. If so, I'll send it back right now!!!!