Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12

Dashing through the gym ...


On our way to winter swim!


We sent in our payment before we realized when exactly the winter swim team practices would be held.  Now I'm not sure if it's more of a workout for the children or for us, that we have our practice one night a week from 7 until 8 PM. Since our children are usually in bed by 7:30, swim team nights are not usually met with much enthusiasm at our home. But who knows, maybe after another 22 weeks (it runs though May) we'll have warmed up to the idea of a chilly pool on cold winter nights.

The way I see it, we're not just learning about swimming, we're learning about commitment! 


(And the importance of wearing cozy hats once practice is over.)


  1. and look on the bright side! you save yourself the bathtub time at home :)

  2. Ha, I wish!! The reality is we spend twice as much time in hot showers once we get home because the kids are so chilled. I tried giving them showers at the gym (and putting them right in to their PJs so they could go right to bed), but by the time we arrived home it was 9:30.

    At our house, there's a rule: the kids can't go to bed 30 minutes before we do!! :)

  3. Wow that seems late for a swim practice. I am a swim coach in AK and our latest group gets out at 6:30pm. Most of those kiddos shower at the pool and then go home in nice fuzzy fleece pj's.