Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22

For years, ever since this fateful day, my daughters have wanted a guinea pig.


Carolyn especially, because she adores animals of every shape and size.  My mother recently informed me that Carolyn told her that she does not want a guinea pig anymore because they are stinky. But when I asked Carolyn about this, she turned inside out.

Her, not want a guinea pig?

That's like saying she doesn't want oxygen. Or peace on earth. To emphasize her want, she promptly constructed a guinea pig village and checked out several books from the library including a chapter book on guinea pigs that she has since memorized.




OK, so maybe the desire is still there. So for her birthday this year, Charlie and I went out looking for guinea pigs. We visited the animal shelter and several pet stores. When we had 30 minutes remaining before we had to pick Henry up from school, we finally found a few adult guinea pigs available for adoption.

But then we didn't have enough time to make the piggie transaction, plus pick out the cage, bedding, housing, etc. etc. so we vowed we'd be back.

Earlier this week, Carolyn wrote a letter to Santa Claus (which has has been temporarily misplaced or I'd post a picture of it), that in essence read, "Dear Santa, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE will you bring me a guinea pig? I have wanted once since I was FOUR YEARS OLD and there is nothing in this world that I want more than a guinea pig. Thank you for being such a wonderful Santa I love you so much please bring me a guinea pig. Amen. Carolyn" 

Her note to Santa transcends a simple request - it's an actual prayer. 


So today, I went to what the kids have called "The Guinea Pig Store" to take a look.  My mission was intended to be a simple fact finding expedition. First, do they even have guinea pigs? Second, am I really sure that I want to bring one more animal in to this house?  What I found was a cage full of the most adorable (ADORABLE) long haired (abyssian) baby guinea piglets. They've estimated that they are around two months old and I honestly had to stop myself from buying all nine of them.  All this to say, we're now the proud owners of two male guinea pigs. This little guy, I could see naming him "James Brown" or "Elvis." Check out the freaking adorable mohawk hair....


And this one? I think he looks like he could be "Oreo".


Whatever their names ... it will be up to our children.

The kids are going to be SO EXCITED, which makes me so excited just thinking of it!!  

I'm planning on having a scavenger hunt type discovery on Christmas morning, with various clues from the gifts they receive that will lead them from one place to the next. To start things off, I'm going to place kale and carrots in big extravagantly wrapped boxes beneath the tree.  The vision of the girls' opening! great! big! boxes! of ... um ... vegetables? Did Santa really bring us VEGETABLES? totally cracks me up. The hardest part between now and then will be keeping a lid on it for the next several days. Not only are the guinea pigs currently hiding in Charlie's office downstairs (as we speak!!!) but the dog is going insane.


Thank goodness the kids haven't yet picked up on the fact that the dog has been camped out on the other side of the office door, whining.

Louie! we definitely need to work on your "secret keeping" skills!!!


  1. You are the best! They will ALL love them so much! Heck, I want one after reading that!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Oh my Gooodness! I. AM. SO. EXCITED. Can't wait for your Christmas post.

  3. SO excited to see/read about their reactions! Good luck and Merry Christmas :)

  4. The only thing I would advise is keep the dog away from them, and also since you have two males they might fight (I had two hamsters and had to separate them as they did end up fighting). Are your guinea pigs in separate cages? Also if you have any kids with allergies or issues watch that as I have heard that guinea pigs are not good for people with allergies. Your daughter will be SO excited! Nothing like kids having their first pets. My hamsters were my first pets, that were just mine and slept in my room.

  5. They are adorable and I can't wait to hear about the girls faces when they open their boxes of vegetables.

  6. I bought a fur real guinea pig as our 5 year desperately wants one and we have a baby a cat and a dog bred to end a guinea pig. I look forward to the posts and love this for we too will succumb one day especially if they are this cute.

  7. You finally got some! Awesome!!! I'm so glad you got two; they really do need a companion. Congrats!

  8. They are going to be so thrilled! I had a guinea pig when I was little for 5 years. He was the best. Now as an adult, I secretly want to get another one. Merry Christmas!

  9. Those "pigs" are beyond cute. Your daughter is sure to fall in love.

    I hope your luck with having two males is better than what happened to us. The pet shop where we got my son's gerbils assured us they were two males. Several months later, one was definitely pursuing the other. This excited my son to no end because he was certain he now had a male and a female based on his extensive reading.

    He was correct. Our two "males" had seven offspring, all as cute as the parents.

  10. You guys ... these little GPs are so incredibly cute and sweet. I don't know why I haven't had one before?! I'm in love!!

    And yes, yes, YES - they promised me that they were both male, but I'll be taking them to the vet for a once over next week and we will CONFIRM.

  11. OMGosh, I can't wait to read about your Christmas morning!! Please take pics!