Tuesday, August 30, 2011

twenty fifth

Number 25 ...

Perhaps I should unleash our children - and their crayons - on the master bathroom. When it comes time to upgrade the bathrooms, of the three bathrooms in the house, the blue one is currently occupying the first place spot.


I didn't think it was that critical to upgrade, but when Charlie inadvertently pulled the towel rack off the wall one day ... and the toilet paper holder fell off the very next day ... the blue bathroom was catapulted to the top of the list. Oddly enough, as the lone adult in this family who has been known to have seizures when the house gets overly messy, I'm perfectly fine with the way that this bathroom looks. For now.


I'd rather get the hardwood floors refinished (or replace the sliding glass door in our basement that is damn near impossible to open) than spend the money on a bathroom that does it's job.

But my husband has a REAL problem with seeing cinder block through his bathroom wall and is anxious to get this repaired as soon as possible. He further argues that the children have been dropping things in to the hole and who really knows what's down there?

I've suggested he just hang a picture over it.

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