Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Number 20 ...

Uncle Roger's china cabinet.


This was also transported to me, from my father's house, last year and it fits with and in our dining room perfectly.

This china cabinet, who belonged to my father's uncle that lived in Maine, was actually willed to my mother when my great-uncle died in the 60's. My mother had always been so kind to my father's uncle, that he wanted for her to have something that meant a lot to him. But when my mother and father divorced in 1979, my mother didn't take anything from the house.

(Except me, because I gave her no other choice.)

Originally, within the cabinet, there was a collection of various tea cups that are currently in my sister Beth's garage. The teacups were too fragile to be transported and since one of my sisters has expressed an interest in taking a few of the cups, hopefully, one day soon - we can sit down together and divvy them out.

We have no idea how old this china cabinet is, but since Uncle Roger died in the 60's and he was well in to his 80's (or maybe even 90's) when he passed away, and he'd had this cabinet since he was a young man, we estimate that it is the oldest piece of furniture in our house.

The cabinet needs some work. One of the door handles fell off and it's missing a large chunk of wood veneer from the bottom. I remember this cabinet in my father's house and I remember that my stepmother had it stocked with phone books. While that's a fine use of space, on behalf of my mother, I'm so happy to have this and am excited to see it restored to it's original glory.

I like to think that Uncle Roger would be happy about it, too.

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