Saturday, August 06, 2011


Seventeen years ago today ...


Charlie and I tied the knot.

Seems impossible to believe that it's been SEVENTEEN YEARS. Gosh, I was eighteen when I graduated from high school and I thought that I was so wise to the ways of the world. And now, we've been married nearly that same amount of time. It's really unfathomable just how fast the time goes ... especially when you're having fun.

After 17 years, I'm convinced that the recipe for a happy marriage is kindness, respect and affection. And the secret ingredient is most definitely laughter coupled with the ability to ignore a person's inability to (insert quirk here) e.g., affix a role of toilet paper to a dispenser.

MG, thank you for inspiring me and for making life so awesome.

Every day with you is truly better than the day before.