Saturday, August 27, 2011


Next weekend will mark the 12-month anniversary that we moved in to this house.


It still boggles my mind whenever I think of it ...

We closed on our California house on a Wednesday ...

We closed on our Virginia house on a Friday ...

The moving truck arrived Saturday ...

The triplets started Kindergarten on Tuesday.

I haven't posted lately about any of the home improvements that we've made because it doesn't really feel like we've done that much. But when I scroll through the photos of what the house looked like when we moved in, I realize that we've actually done quite a bit. We haven't done very many big ticket items, like remodeling the kitchen or bathrooms. But we've painted a lot of walls, baseboards and ceilings. We've replaced lights and outlets. We've scrubbed and cleaned.

I'll be posting a lot of photos over the next few days, capturing some of our home improvement progress. The most recent improvement has been our closets.

When we moved in, there was a single rod in every closet, with a small shelf above for stacking things so high, they'd topple on your head whenever you opened the door. For months, I've worried that the old rods were going to fall off the wall and squash small children. While our landscaping, bathrooms and kitchen are all in dire need of work, nothing and I mean NOTHING has bothered me as much as the closets. Even with my obsessive organizational skills, I could not get these closets in to a good place.


After evaluating self-install closet organizational systems, we finally decided that this was one task where it was worth it to pay for professional help. We interviewed several companies and met with multiple designers. Finally, we settled on a plan that we believed would optimize our organizational space and allow optimum accessibility for children that are under four feet tall.

In preparation for the installers, this past week, Charlie gutted and painted the interiors.


Yesterday, our new closet organizational systems were installed. Today, while Hurricane Irene storms outside, I'll be storming inside by purging and organizing. We've got plenty of batteries, non-perishable food and fresh water. We also have an abundance of matching wood hangars and low profile baskets.

All things considered, this has the potential to rank up there as one of the happiest days of my life.