Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the mood today: cranky, fussy and totally unsettled









Well ... that didn't help much.


  1. Wish I could help. Tell her to call me up.

  2. I'm SO glad my mom didn't have a digital camera back in the day!

    She sure showed that chair who was boss!

  3. Jen is it you cranky, fussy and unsettled or the children? Or maybe Charlie? Here is hoping that whoever is cranky, fussy unsettled in the house things get better soon. Loved the pictures.

    My wish for you is to make a final decision and feel at peace with it.

    But...I can only imagine the turmoil in your life, how your mind must be twirling. While reading your comments I just giggle because I know something they apparently didn't get in on. I almost missed it also. Funny story about that post, I was reading it, and had to leave before I finished so I minimized it. When I came back to the computer several hours later I automatically pulled up my favorites and your blog:.) I was shocked that the post was missing. I began thinking I was dreaming or something. But then I looked and saw it minimized. So you know what I did? I copied and pasted it...when I need a good giggle I pull it up and read it. Does that make me insane?

    Okay on a serious note this is Wednesday and what's in me? I have finally got some medical issues behind me and am on my way to a healthier life. Monday was day one of a new healthier way of living for me, exercise and eating. Know what? I already feel better and I am only on day three. I am very determined to see this through. My main problem is staying hydrated. Any hints on how to force yourself to drink more water?

    Oh, Noni has wonderful advice, don't sweat the small stuff and be sure to enjoy the moment, no matter how crazy.

  4. Kathy, there is so much twisting and twirling in my mind I'm positively dizzy. But that being said, we are totally enjoying the moment - the best we possibly can. Although, I will admit, the past 24 hours have been among the most trying of my life. The choices we make, and the implications of those choices, are totally huge.

    OK. How to drink more water? I'd suggest carrying around a good water bottle every where you go (I love my Camelbak) and trying to make it a goal that you fill it up 4 times a day. I also eat a handful of almonds (or pretzels) every so often because they always make me thirsty! I'm so glad to hear that you're on your way to a healthier life.

    You and me, both!! :)

    (I hope to have a post up later tonight, if I'm home in time. I'm going out for desserts with my girlfriends!)

  5. LOL! She is too cute (although I'm sure it was frustrating to deal with her being so cranky, LOL). Cute series of pictures.

    ... I saw that post that I don't think you wanted us to see too, it was in my Google Reader for awhile even after you deleted it (I was thoroughly confused when I came to your Blog and it wasn't here, but when it WAS in my Reader, through me for a loop!).

    I just want to say to THAT... well, best best best wishes and hugs and all that stuff. ;-)

  6. Hmm. Could it be that E. had an argument with a "wuv" from the Flower Fields in Carlsbad? Yep. Read all about her latest adventure on "another" blog. ;-)

    Love the pictures! Cute post.
    ;-) Marg

  7. You're a rockstar... and so is your sweet daughter.

    Just keep telling yourself that.

    (I feel like I'm in on a special secret too. Hold in there lady.)

    Marla @ www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  8. Poor little gal. She looks like a teenager in a funk instead of a 5 year old. Hope she is feeling better now. Good luck to you and Charlie with all the decisions you are facing in the next weeks.

  9. Okay this is totally selfish of me but I hope you get in too late to post. I am thinking that you are driving some people crazy. I think it would be interesting to read the comments you will get.

    I really hope that you are making peace with the decisions that you and Charlie make (the ones you still have control of).

    Oh please don't publish this as I don't want to be flogged;)

    And thanks for the hint of almonds or pretzels that sounds like it would work.


  10. Since my comment wasn't posted on your last blog post. I have to try again to make sure I'm not reading too much into your last sentence. Are you pregnant?

  11. I thought i caught a clue at the end of your last post that you cant drink wine , does that mean......?????

  12. Just to be clear is that her mood or yours?? LOL

    Love the pictures, hope she is in a better mood now. :-)

  13. Ah perhaps the chair was a stand in for one of her siblings?

  14. The chair progression is classic. Love this set of photos!!!