Friday, April 09, 2010

favorite thing friday

Continuing with the theme of favorite things to have on a camping trip, I proudly introduce the Rolla Roaster.


This is an ingenious contraption that in my opinion is a necessity if one is to have perfectly roasted hot dogs and marshmallows while in the field.


Alright, maybe it's not a necessity - because a stick would work perfectly well, but the Rolla Roaster is a fun little gadget to have. It's definitely an excellent conversation piece whenever you're on a camping trip and you're elegantly roasting your dinner and dessert as your fellow campers are scrounging around the ground for a suitable stick.


Not only does the stainless steel roasting fork telescope to approximately 3.5 feet, there's a dial by the thumb so all you need to do is move your thumb and the whole roasting fork rotates. Those opposable joints come in handy ALL THE TIME.

You don't even need to move your wrist!


They can be purchased here or here or here or maybe even at your local outdoor store.

With a Rolla Roaster, you will be the envy of camp.


Especially if you pick them up in assorted colors.


Fondue, anyone?


  1. Those are really cool--I need to get them for our annual August camping trip!

  2. Oh my Lord, I'm buying SIX!

  3. We used to have a fire pit at our old house, and we had those forks! :-)

    Beautiful photos!

  4. I was so happy when I found these too!! Another handy campfire tool I found is a basket that will sandwich burgers between two grates with a handle so you do not have to worry about them falling into the fire.