Saturday, February 13, 2010

saturday at the otc

I vividly remember watching the Olympics in 1976 when I was five-years-old. Specifically, I remember watching Dorothy Hamill skate for the gold.


Dorothy Hamill was my idol.

I remember going out and having my hair cut, just like hers. I remember begging for ice skates and a skating outfit. The tights, the leotard, the skirt that flared out. At five-years-old, I didn't yet realize that in order to be an Olympic caliber athlete, it required a bit more than a fancy outfit and really great haircut. So when I laced up my skates and stepped out on to the ice, looking positively adorable (I'm sure), I certainly didn't expect that my first skating experience would also be my last. Sliding around ice with two blades on your feet isn't as easy as it looks.


Our children, much like their mother, are completely enamored with what they've seen of the Olympics thus far. Since watching a recorded version of the opening ceremonies, William really wants to fly. He has suggested we tie cables around his waist so that he can float all over the house and the girls have been pretending like they are speed skaters, slipping their feet across the ground in order to get from Point A to Point B and pumping their arms wherever they go.


To get the children even more in to the spirit surrounding this incredible show of top athletes from around the world, today we decided that we'd take them for a little drive to one of the three Olympic Training Centers (OTC) in the United States. Which conveniently, is just a few miles away from our house.

Although it isn't yet completed, our local OTC is an amazing place, situated in a beautiful spot. There is housing for athletes, a cafeteria (for athletes) and training fields and compounds (for athletes.) Everything at the OTC has been designed for the exclusive use of the athletes. Except the archery range which is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays. For a nominal fee, you can go out and practice your bow and arrow skills under the tutelage of real Olympic archers.


Isn't that cool?

There's a walking path that winds through the complex and at the far end, there is an orange grove. Which we descended upon, today.


And once we were sufficiently stuffed with tree ripe fruit and covered in sticky orange juice, we made our way back to watch the US National Field Hockey team take on the Canadian team.


We make small talk with one of the player's moms. As she is talking with us, she tells us that not only is her son the US Team Captain, he is also a triplet. One of his two sisters was there - with her parents - and it is pointed out that she is Baby A of the trio. Which peaked William's interest because he is also Baby A. So the two of them, these two baby A's, my five-year-old and the 21-year-old, sit and talk to each other for a good thirty minutes. She is very sweet and is showing my little boy various kid-friendly applications on her iPhone and helping him peel oranges.

As we're getting ready to leave, William quietly informs me that when he grows up he's going to marry his new friend, even though he had no idea what her name was. Eh, minor detail. He can find it out on the honeymoon.

Elizabeth over hears her brother's nuptial plans and she shouts, "William! You can't marry HER! Remember? You are going to marry ME!" His cheeks flush pink as he casually shrugs and says, "Yeah, but Liz, she's got a really nice phone and she can peel oranges for me."


For the single people of the world, please take note...

Apparently, those are extremely important qualities to look for in a spouse.


  1. We're in Vancouver and I have just spent the last 1/2 hour short track "speed skating" around our kitchen with our three year old. It's amazing to see the world through their eyes. Nice to know what bar we set for marriage too! lol

  2. How cute. Your trips come up with some neat comments. Bet you don't always know what to expect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. OMG, I think everyone in the world has triplets now. William is a hoot.

    What gorgeous pictures. You should move out there.

  4. That is hilarious. Great story:)

  5. Yes, two very important traits for a spouse to have! Love the lat cute!

  6. We even have a couple sets of triplets up here... But they don't want to marry each other. I just talked to one of the girls (they are GGG trips) and she said that her and her sisters are going to marry Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas. :)

  7. Wow...I managed to convince my husband to marry me without ever peeling him a single orange! We are loving the Olympics too. My husband and I lived in Provo, UT during the SLC Olympics and we worked at Soldiers Hollow where they did the cross country skiing. Ever since then, we have and extra special spot in our hearts for the winter Olympics.

  8. Go William!

    We just returned from a trip to UT and we were able to visit the Olympic Park site where they had several events there during the Salt Lake City olympics. Seeing a real luge track is incredibly intimidating, yikes.

    We also skiied Park City which is where they held some ski and halfpipe events. It really puts the Olympics in perspective. We are loving the whole process.