Sunday, February 28, 2010

because every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man

... especially if he is in touch with his feminine side.


And isn't afraid to sport red toenails.

William, who has the most vivid imagination of all the children, found a two-piece suit in his closet one day last week. He's worn the suit, which is at least two sizes too small, every day since it's magnificent discovery. Whenever he puts the suit on, he declares himself "king."


Here's the "king" flocked by his two princesses.


Since I've been out of town, Charlie told me that these clothes are what the children have begged to wear whenever they go out. Because we recognize that each stage is so fleeting, we generally oblige to their crazy wardrobe requests. But if this ensemble doesn't get enough looks, having a little five-year-old declare, "Here comes the King! MAKE WAY FOR THE KING!" certainly turns a few heads.

Can you see how these children are a constant source of entertainment for me AND a constant source of entertainment for each other?

They really are so much fun.

(Most of the time.)


  1. They look and act adorable. Enjoy every day.

  2. I 'only' have twins, but I totally agree -- the games and role play scenarios that they come up with are totally hilarious and awesome. Despite the many challenges of multiples, I am so, so glad they have each other to play and dream with. Mine also love to play Prince and Princess (I usually get stuck being Queen Mum!). Great pics also of W. on the skis!!

  3. They sure are. They really do entertain each other all day long, don't they? You've made it to the easy phase! WOOHOO!

    I was thinking of bringing you over some chicken, with a side of blueberry cobbler, tonight for dinner.

  4. The first time I met my husband, he had pink nail polish on his toes. We went swimming with the kids in the Arctic Ocean and he wouldn't take off his socks. I pulled them off and there it nail polish.


  5. Wow, he looks like he could be a character in a children's book, one where a clever little guy in a two-piece suit--barefoot, of course--somehow saves the world.

    Or rules it, I suppose. He is King, after all.

    Love it!

  6. Very debonaire! I know I cremated the spelling! But you know what I mean! Too fun!

  7. Aww... The King is so cute in his suit!! How fun!!

  8. This made me laugh. I love that he had to announce to everyone to makeway for the king!